July 25th, 2004

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Ed's new jacket?

So, while being a good girl and not reading the summaries for episodes 41 and 42, I heard word of Ed having a new jacket? Would anyone be able to take a cap of it to show those of us impatiently awaiting the subbed episodes?

Oh yeah, on a side note, Comic-Con sucks.

I didn't find a single Edward Elric or Roy Mustang to glomp. : (

Oh well. :: awaits Y-Con ::
Joyous Destruction

...*sigh* Help anyone?

Hi everyone.

I find myself in a difficult position that has been driving me nuts for the last hours, and that said situation is having to write a little "about" note about Frank Archer for his fanlisting without including any relevant spoilers (damndamndamn). It seems that I've hit head first the proverbial writter's block and I cannot come up with a mere decent sentence on the subject, so... would any kind soul, pretty please, lend a hand? Of course, it would be credited on the site.

Also, the sooner the better ^^

Arigato!!! *goes away crawling in shame*

ETA: Okay, I've come up with this:

Frank Archer is one of the characters from the Hagane no Renkinjutsushi anime (so far he hasn’t appeared in the manga)
He is a member of the military with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and he is the officer in charge of the military court. His most remarkable personality trait is his total and utter ruthlessness. He works for war, and war only and will use any means in his hands to achieve his goals.

How does it sound?

ETA 2 (Because I'm so silly I forgot): You can find the fanlisting here: http://ruthless.ingrad.net
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[ Ghost ]

Manga Art Book Scans

Second post for the day X3;; I seem to be de-lurking.

For my birthday, my wonderful friend yuki_kuze sent me the Hagane manga art book. I finally decided, after much poking and grumbling from Orca, to start to scan it.

As such, the first few scans I've done are behind the LJ-cut.

I don't think there are any spoilers.

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My apologies for the watermark, but as I'm sure you can understand, as I've spent a lot of time and effort scanning these in so far I don't want them to be stolen and then find I'm not credited. If there is an image here you wish to use without the watermark for say an icon, site/journal layout, ect. please do tell me and I can send them.

If anyone wishes to steal for a site, that's fine but please be nice, credit me T_T

I hope you enjoyed them so far. In other pages there are previews of characters that we have yet to see in the anime which would suggest they are something to do with the manga (which I hate to admit I'm quite behind on =_=a;; )

Should I post the rest soon? X3
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big iron on his hiiiiip

Uh, Help? ^^;;

I've noticed that some people use large scans for wallpapers, layouts, and whatnot (the ones shown on the official website). Anyhow, I was wondering if someone could please tell me where I can find these larges scans. Thanks in advance XD
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Lj therapy


Um, yeah. Stuff I wrote recently.

AU with a different society order. Gold and Charcoal: Edward Elric thought he could enslave and break Roy Mustang. Yeah, I'm laughing too. (on ff.net right now, soon to be on SS.) Up to chapter 9 posted. Over 50, 000 words for now (or 648 k if you want to count like that). Still pretty PG-13, but with various yaoi pairing and eventually some smut.

A parody, not to be taken seriously. ^^;; Clean, but clearly Roy/Ed.
"Edward, I think you might be pregnant."

Roy calls Edward but Al picks up and deviously decides to use his voice acting skills to find out just what Roy is up to concerning his brother. Warning; smutty, if just in words. NC-17

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(if anyone knows of a good Al wig, let me know? I'm not satisfied with what I saw around.)
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i just went through the manga for FMA and realised that it is really different from the anime. It seems so... like a comedy when compared to the anime.


And while I'm at it, doesn't the new Ed and OP focus really alot of Envy?
Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]

Icons out the yin-yang!

18 x Icons
-01 x Armstrong Statuette
-01 x Ed
-01 x Gate
-10 x Greed
-01 x Hawkeye
-01 x Mysterious Stranger(XD; yes, I know who it is. Just trying not to be spoilerific.)
-01 x Nina
-01 x Roy
-01 x Watch

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Some of these I may have posted before individually, but oh well. Number 13 is a remake of an old classic, the "So then I said... LIEKOMEGWTFIM DEAD" icons. Except I was too lazy to animate it, so there's no "So then I said" bit. If you want to take, the usual comment and credit thingy applies. If you missed any of my old icons, they're all still up at this place.
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Coffee Lust


Hello! As the title suggests, I've come bearing icons and I'm actually contributing something to the community ^_^;.

[7x] Edward
[2x] Roy
[2x] Al
[2x] Riza
[2x] Envy
[4x] Greed
[3x] Kimblee
[4x] Roy/Ed
[1x] Roy/Riza
[2x] Ed and Al
[1x] Ed, Al, and Winry

Icon goodness

If you take any, please comment and please credit me in the icon's keywords. :)

X-posted to: my journal, fullmetal_icons
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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Help getting 4th Opening & 4th Ending

Sorry to bother everyone but I was wondering if there is any place to download just the avi files (or any other format) of the 4th opening and 4th ending? I tried downloading from a link a couple posts down, but it doesn't appear to work anymore. -_-;; Please help. Thanks.
[seal] I'm an egg

Edward+Alphonse art

This is (I think) my first coloured pic on this community, so I hope you like it^^;;

It's Edward (in military uniform) and Alphonse. Edward doesn't look like himself, but that's because I can't draw him to look like him he's gotten older.^^;

Teasers for the pic itself:
Ed teaser.
Al teaser.

Interested? It's linked to my LJ.^^ Might be a little bit PG-13, though...
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