July 22nd, 2004

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First of all, I need to apologize for my absence. I've just moved from Calgary to Connecticut, and there were lots of offline issues with moving (and humanities projects XD;). I just only got my computer recently, so I haven't been able to do much >_<;

My account on shaw is down now or something, so I just realized that the layout picture doesn't work T_T; So, I'm going to start talking about the layout contest again XD;

I don't know if there was any entries since the last time I posted (June 2nd or 3rd), but here's what's there so far

I'm king of the world - darkyo
Elric Brothers - darkyo
Cicatrix - sv_chan
We're still lost - atherlin (I needed to format my computer and the images were lost)
Full Metal Alchemist - kaiser_chan

Paid account's almost running out, so I wanted to get a new layout up before I can't fix it anymore (I'll probably pay for it again, but just in case). Plus, this contest's been getting pushed for pretty long, eh? ^_^; The voting starts on Sunday July 25th, and will end 7:00pm Pacific on Monday July 26th.
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Searched for 'Full Metal Alchemist' in the urban dictionary:

" full metal alchemist

A show about a suit of armor who walks around and beats the crap out of people. Co-star is the xbox mascot and relative of Vin Diesel, "Single X".

Al: Man, I'm a friggin' suit of armor dude!
Scar: Lets go play some Halo

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Look up and Smile! &amp;hearts;

Fullmetal Alchemist Trading Arts Vol. 1

I just got this trading art few days ago.. It was kinda expensive... $10.99 each.. Beside, they are random. You don't know which character you'll get untill you open the box. T_T

I wanted to get Ed and Al so bad and end up with these three... -_-
I'm pretty happy that I got Roy and Riza Hawkeye ^_^
I dunno about Armstrong.... He too scary to look at... ;_;

The front cover of the box

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Japantown Fun!

So! I went to Japantown today, and I saw several interesting, FMA related things.

I went to the record store and found several YeLLOW Generation singles, but no Tobira no Mukou he. No albums, either. Sadness.

Also saw a list of the top 100 singles in Japan (dated March 1st, but shhh!) which said "Ready Steady Go" was number 5 and "tobira no Mukou he" was 51. Whee!

In the other record store I was able to watch the "Motherland" pv. It was . . . not that impressive. Not much going on. Song's still pretty, though.

I know I had a point to this . . .

Oh yeah . . .


Since I've yet to see this book mentioned on the comm, I'll post more info Collapse )

Anyway, take care, y'all!

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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


I've been meaning to ask for a long time now, but does anyone know what the blue words in the ending Motherland say? I'm just curious, but it would be nice to know XP. ^^;;
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Fangame screencaps

Someone posted a link to that fan-created game a while ago and it reminded me that I knew of it back in May. I think they had a demo and I forgot to download it too. Oops. =D;

Anyways, two other screencaps from it:'


Very cute.

the final fma themes TDT

hiiio again!
sorry i promise to add something to this community soon X_x
and this has probably been posted somewere else
XD gah im horrible at lj journals and communities XD.....
fhdsphkifd >:B
Ok....my question is.....
where can i ge tthe final hagane no renkinjutsushi themes...the final opening and ending TDT
i want them so i can have them so i can burn all the openings into a cd :X!.....
but im being a stupid fma fan TDT so...
Question 2
when will the new opening themes start showing? ;^;
i will probably be in school by the time they show them....lmao im still waiting for the spoon sub for eps.40 X_x i wonder when it will be out T_T! thanks so much in advance!
there is 51 or 52 episodes? O_O;? so many questions sorry XD....please bear with me :0
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