July 21st, 2004

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Hello everyone, I need a favor with something. At Otakon, Funimation is airing the dubbed FMA episodes on Saturday Night. Being the maintaner of fma_dub , I promised to get information. But, it interferes with L'arc~en~ciel. So, will anyone not going to the concert be willing to do and view the episodes, and wright down and major discrepencies, or name changes? You will have my thanks, and I'll make you 5 icons, and any kind of banner. Or, if you want, I can make you a layout like mine with a layot. Thank you. ^_^
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CRAPPY Fan art~

Yep.. time to spread the love. ;;

Mercy : for Sockren!!

Yep. For Sockren fanfics. >w<;; 'cause.. hey.. I love them that much. That's a scene from 'Mercy'... My current fav.. :3 followed by 'Hatred'.

This sucks. No really.

Yeah.. I really hate that one.. I just like the wing... <<;;


Okay.. I know Ed's not Pride. I just like to think he is. o_o;;

A cosplay picture for the hell of it

.............Yeah.. only posted 'cause I look goddamn TALL! Yessss.. -Cough- Not that i'm short, anyhow. (...stfu.)

That's all for now. Huzzah. :3
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looking for something

I'm trying to find some large/hi-res images to work with for a webpage and haven't been having very much luck. I think someone posted a link to some good ones awhile back but I can't find anything in the old posts. Specifically, I'm looking for a good transmutation circle, white on black or whatever. If anyone knows where I could find some stuff like that, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!

Just a small note on fansubs

I know theres another group out doing fansubs now called Fork, I DLd their release of ep 40 out of curiosity and am glad I did.

If you rely on the subtitles to know what people are saying (i.e. you dont know japanese) do NOT watch the Fork subs. I only watched the first half of the episode because frankley, too many lines were just totally made up. They werent what the characters were saying at ALL.

I can understand a little loose translation here and there, or maybe some awkward sounding lines since I assume it was a speed dub, but to me this was ridiculous.

I hope this post is ok since Im not pointing out where to get the subs or anything like that, but I thought anyone who DLs it should know what your getting ahead of time *L*
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FMA Mood Theme?

A friend of mine got a really cute Ed mood theme from one of the members here; l was wondering if anyone could link me to a place where I could get it. I've had a FMA layout up on my journal for awhile now and I think it'd be a nice extra touch. ^_^

BTW, I'm new to the community. You can expect me to post lots of icons. *grin*
Not so keen on this

FMA licensed in Australia

"Madman Announces New Licenses (10:12 PM EDT): This came across in our R2/R4 forum regarding the Australian studio Madman today:
These were announced by myself at the AVCON panel in Adelaide over the weekend. www.avcon.org.au
Source: AnimeonDVD.com

Does anyone know anything about Madman?

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I got this on my BBS board from a friend:

Spoiler for Episode 40:
Spoiler for Episode 41:
Spoiler for Episode 42:
Spoiler for Episode 43:
Spoiler for Episode 44:

Provided by Gangan from Animesuki Fullmetal Alchemist forum http://forums.animesuki.com/showthread.php?t=17042

I have edited it short since there are many of us here that did not want to be spoiled. Gomen nasai to all those that saw the spoilers. I still haven't learned how to put a link to the post then it links you back to the original entry. Very sorry for what I'd done...
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Hi & Poll

Hi, I'm new to the community and I guess I'll start with a small poll ^0^
Hope poll's alright here.

Poll #324012 FMA End

Which scenario would you like to see in the end of FMA?

Al & Ed survive and get back what they've lost
Al & Ed survive but didn't get back their body & limbs
Ed sacrificed himself to return Al his body
Al sacrificed himself to return Ed's limbs
Both Al & Ed died and will be remembered by us fans
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FMA manga

      Well hello there. I'm a new member in this community and I have a question that desperately needs to be answered. 

Okay... maybe not THAT desperate, but it needs to be answered...^^;

  Recently, I've gotten into the manga and I really love it. Though I was quite upset that toriyamaworld (that's where I usually get my helping of FMA) didn't have anymore chapters until chapter 16. I knew one could get more chappies by  every animefan's best friend, bittorrent, though I cannot download anything from it since my computer is quite ancient (I really mean 'ancient'. ^^)

So here comes my question: does anyone know a site that has direct linking to the FMA manga chapters?

Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it!

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FMA GBA in English?

Back in April, I asked the community if anyone was interested in helping to make an English patch(I think that's what it is) for the first FMA GBA game (original topic (the images are dead though).

Someone has found a script with translations, so I'm just wondering if anyone is familiar with the programming that is needed to change the Japanese text into English text and such and is interested in helping. The person who came up with this project has said that if no one is willing to help, he's dropping the project.

Any takers?
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Ouborous sign

I know this has been posted a lot of time already, but I couldn't find the post... so, I'm willing to risk myself the wrath of the comm by asking... if anybody would be willing to show me the ouborous sign they got on the homunculus? Thanks!

*ducks away from the incoming projectils*
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