July 19th, 2004

New Melissa Revelation!!


Purification of the essential oils of oil producing plants and seeds is simple and only requires adding the steamed oil that floats on the distilled water, back into the lower flask from which the plants or seeds are being boiled.
The oil must become more clear and pure. Caraway essential oil looks cloudy the first few times it's separated. It gradually becomes more clear and pristine as the oil is re-steamed. You may note too, that for the planetary herbs chosen by LPN we have the following:

Sun/Eyebright Euphrasia,
Venus/Alchemilla or Yarrow,
Mercury/Caraway or Lavender flowers,
Earth/Drosera i.e., Sundew."

So, the plant, Melissa, that Porno Grafitti was reffering to represents Jupiter? o.o; w3rd.
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I'm a little confused here. They told us the war in Ishbal began almost 14 years ago. But...if Roy is 30, that would have made him 16 at that time, and I think Hawkeye is even younger. So that doesn't make any sense. Roy surely didn't look that young. >_< So, do we know how long the war raged before they called the alchemists in? And like, at what age do they take recruits?! Did Roy join during the war? Wouldn't have been very smart of him.

Anybody can set me straight?
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Full Metal Alchemist Episode 40 Subbed!...by...Fork?

anime.mirkx.com is where the torrent is.

102 MB...not low enough to be confirmed to be a joke, but it's not exactly as high as usual. Low quality encode?

Anyway, I dunno if it's real or a parody sub or a huge joke or what...but it's there. I'll update once it downloads (or, at the rate it's going, someone else who has a faster download speed than me can comment on it...)

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I usually listen to the drama CD while I work. And when you listen to it enough, you're bound to get questions...so....it's not really spoilerific, so I don't think I'll cut...

1) Is Ed the actual caffeine addict of FMA? (in light of scene where ED *YAWNS*, Al brings him coffee, and we get an instantly rejuvenated alchemist)
2) Is it just me, or does Al seem to have a thing for Yuna at the end?

hey everyone! vv about the fma movie

hey everyone! vvvv....ive lurked this community forever but never joined it TDT.......
so hi! im not an fma n00b or anything. ^_^;.
do any of you know when we will be able to get the fma movie here in america? O_o;....or someone to subtitle it once its out in japan and put it up somewere? gah....omg having to wait years for the fma ending TOT!! :/
well thanks in advance and hello to everyone! i hope i can contribute to this community soon T_T;
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Hoi hoi! I just watched FMA 39, and I have a couple of ranting to do.. they're on my blog here.

Btw, anyone made any screencaps for this episode? There are a couple of nice Kimbly, Archer, Havoc and Roy ones in this episode.. X3
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Missing this Weekend

This weekend I was at Animethon. I'm now searching for some people, and then I have a question to ask about last weeks episodes.

First off: If the Ed who glomped the Ban is part of this community, hi! ^^ Please contact me?

Secondly: If the people who made the FMA bookmarks are here, I have some questions and a comment. First off: I love you. I'm currently using your bookmarks in some of the manga I bought (and the Hughes one still makes me sad, the Scar with the butterfly still makes me giggle, and my friend who hasn't even seen the series is still trying to steal Ed.) and for the question: Did you enjoy the cookies? (Have you guessed who I am yet?)

Thirdly: If the Ed who was glomped by the Ban is here, =3 Loved your costume! (and the Winry, too!)

Finally, for the question to the rest of you:

Wasn't this weeked suppose to be a double episode thing? If so, what happened to episode 41? I can only find posts for episode 40. Or is it next weekend that has a double episode?
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