July 17th, 2004

Envy's Back?

I was wonder if anyone has any pictures of Envy's back's red-line-circle-thingars design.
I know it, at least, looks like this:


( I swear, that looks like a disturbed smilie. >.O; )

But, are there any other lines or anything to it? I've seen some fanart, but I'm not sure if that's correct or not.

If you are wondering why I am asking this, it's because I need to finish up my design for my Envy Cosplay for Otakon.

Thanks in advance. ^^
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FMA Artbook Previews

This is for anyone who's thinking of buying the TV Animation artbook but isn't sure of which images will be in it.

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And that's basically the entire artbook, excluding the lineart and article at the back of the book. I was pretty surprised to be able to find almost all the images. If this pattern continues, there's most probably going to be another two to three artbooks published, one for the official art of each season.

Cross-posted to my own journal for future reference.
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Intro Videos

well I ripped all the intros from the episodea, as well as the endings, I can make a torrent for them, but I dont know how to put it online and such, or I need a host to put them on a site, IF you have any knowledge of what to do, please help me out, Well, if you want them Anyway, I sure as hell Like them
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Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay @ Anime Expo 2004

Finally got some pictures and a report to show for this convention so time to post!

Some FMA (mostly Roy Mustang) cosplay pictures, but my State Certified Alchemist Pocketwatch replicas are there too.
Got a few more pics to add to that gallery....

Then there's the complete report with the
group FMA cosplay at the masquerade.

A BIG THANKS to Evil|Lurking (temarrea) for hosting the video file
Right click, Save As for those downloading.
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Ep 40 reaction art

That was such a sad ep . . . sad and very very cool.

Anyway, I suspect there'll be more art coming out of this episode, but here's the first: A sketch of Scar and his brother drawn after watching episode 40 and while watching Predator 2 and Aliens with my boyfriend.

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Comments, por favor?
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Roy's hands...

Mmm... Roy's hands... Wait, there is a point to this, I swear. I need help, oh lovely comm members, and I'm hoping you guys can deliver. I need images of Roys hands.

...That just sounds odd, doesn't it? >_<;;; See, Tay wants to make a tee shirt, and needs Roy's hands to do it. ...I'll just take a photo when/if it's done and y'all can see what I'm on about.

I need pictures of Roy's hand(s), preferably with fingers outstretched and gloves on, array facing front.

If you can help, please, please, please do, as I'd love to get this done by tomorrow so I can show you guys before I go away.

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Auto Mail!!

On the way to San Deigo today, I saw TWO Auto Mail Shop!!!

...Then when I looked again, it said Auto Mall. ;.; Oh well, it's fun to spot anime-ish things IRL with a change of a letter or something. On the way back, I thought those same places were Auto Mail, when I already knew what it said. XD Just thought I'd mention this cuz it was one of the highlights of my day. ^^
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