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breakin' through the door
16 July 2004 @ 12:11 am
I just watch episode 38 last night and the 39 raw just now (and understood about a third of it.) These are some thoughts I had after watching them . . .

Spoilers for, well, you know.Collapse )

Can't wait for 40! And subbed 39, of course . . . I can finally find out how whacked out my translation is!
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16 July 2004 @ 05:43 am
Yep, another fanart... I dunno what's up with this creative streak lately, but I'm not complaining XD

The Sins

Maybe I can make it into a bookmark or something O_o
16 July 2004 @ 12:18 pm
Well, I figured someone on here would have some idea as to how wide his belt is.

I can;t decide if the belt part itself would be 1 1/2 inches on a 2 1/2 inch base (the wider, second belt part), 1 inch on 2 inch... or 2 inch on 3 inch.

For people that have cosplayed Edward and managed to use or make both adjoining belts, how wide does yours measure?

Since it doesn't loop into the pants, I do want it to be wide enough so the shirt doesn't slip out.

Thanks a lot. <3
16 July 2004 @ 12:27 pm
sorry about this. - if you want me to delete it i will

i know pratically everyone here downloads anime using bittorent or one of the other many programs available now.

my question is what do i need in order to play .ogm files?

and where do i get it?
16 July 2004 @ 12:59 pm
People, hear me mourn.

I don't live in the US. Rather, I'm in one of the random obscure third world countries most people don't care about. Therefore, I have no idea what you guys are getting with the English localization of FMA, and I probably will have no idea even after you get it.

However, with the current news being what they are (that Funi/ADV is serious with this project), you're still lucky. *envious*

FMA : The Manga has just been licensed where I live. By a company which has so far consistently....delivered out stuff with poor-to-average translations (the worst of it made me wonder if I'm actually reading my native language or just some look-alike variant), slipshod binding (pages falling out just when you open them is a common occurrence), bad printing (the ink smears on your hand), poor art editing (covers can end up having different color tints, and some are quite blurry) and a rather annoying letters column.

I myself can survive, since my Japanese is decent enough to stick with Kinokuniya's imports. But the rest of the FMA fans and would-be fans....ha. Ha.

Of course, if any of you live in Thailand and happen to like SIC's work, this is purely opinion.
16 July 2004 @ 01:03 pm
For those planning to go to the L'Arc~en~Ciel Concert at Otakon. The Otakon website has updated information how to get into the concert and concert rules:

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16 July 2004 @ 03:50 pm
Episode 40 -- Official Site SummaryCollapse )
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a fangirl
16 July 2004 @ 05:12 pm
I know you've probably seen them in one incarnation at some point, but I was bored so I made these for kicks. Memes (with my results hardehar) under the cut:
Read more...Collapse )

No, I did not fix the first one, stop staring at me like that. Sheesh.
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16 July 2004 @ 05:32 pm
The music video for Melissa seems kinda depressing to me. Am I the only one that thought that? O.o
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16 July 2004 @ 06:20 pm
I need Envy picture-ness, preferably manga. Which chapters does Envy appear in, if anyone knows. o.o;
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16 July 2004 @ 06:30 pm
Couldn't resist posting this ^^

Hot and sexy ^^

Poor Ed ^^;;;
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♞ lovely little liar ♞

Roy Mustang is depressed about getting older and traps Riza Hawkeye into listening to him. Inspired partly by hamsterfactor 's Roy/Riza colour bar.

How Old Are You Now?Collapse )

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