July 13th, 2004



Guess who's back from France.

Yup. 16 days without FMA. Grawrrrrr.

And I'm suffering from jetlag so I can't go through the millions of topics so could someone hit me up with major news and links to available photoshop edits done since June 28th? Thank you!
touma karamochi (me! ^_^)

snippet of news

News from Natsume Maya's site!

Some about the movie:

"Well, today's issue of August 2004 issue of Shonen GanGan magazine has indeed confirmed that a Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Full Metal Alchemist) movie is to be released theatrically in the (northern) summer of 2005. As I previously wrote, this issue also comes with an Edward Elric mobile phone strap figure (and the next issue will come with an Alphonse version)."

"This Mainichi Shimbun (in Japanese) report states that the Full Metal Alchemist movie will take place two years after the events of the final TV episode. As with the TV series, director will be Mizushima Seiji and script will be by Aikawa Shou. Source: Moon Phase"

and a new book:

"Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Full Metal Alchemist) Book in(?) Figure Red will be released in December 2004 by Square Enix. 12cm figures of Ed and Al togeter with a 64 page mini-book containing analysis of the characters and new manga. This will be a preorder only item - preorder cutoff date is 22 August 2004. Price 1,200 yen. Source: Mangaoh Club and eS! Books. If you check out the eS! Books link, you'll also see a small pic of the Al mobile phone strap figure which comes with the September 2004 issue of Shonen GanGan magazine."
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anou... can anyone rec some GOOD fanfic sites? I think I've finally reached the 'crazed fangirl' stage, because it's all I've been reading today. Yaoi or gen is preferred, please and thank you!

(PS-- I already know about scimitar smile, Coyo's archive, Emily Ravenwood's Archive, and I've been to Jaelle's livejournal.)
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Aa... Yus, FMA has eaten my brain and sold my soul to the devil. Second FMA ficlet of the evening, courtesy of lazulisong's ficlet Library Rules, and the scene at the end with near-sighted!Roy. And the ending is sappy drivel that probably doesn't make sense tacked on like that, but since the fic had gone totally different from what I wanted (I was supposed to be ROY who made the agreement with Ed to stop his arguing with Al!) I couldn't use the sappy bit I had in mind. Dammit.

Rating: PG
Pairings: Just a little bit of Roy/Ed at the very end. Unless you want to count the whole looking-out-for-his-health bit and then the whole thing's Roy/Ed.

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edit: Another fic, Coil is also available.
allen . ♥♥

FMA musical fan project thingie.

I need a life, I am a lifeless moron ,everyone knows that~But since I'm leaving tomorrow for I don't-know-how-much-time, I thought I might as well expose a bit of craziness^^;;.
Of course, credit to maho_kiwi,shinraisei and wiccat for the extra-madness !

Just for fun and out of pure boredom: why not a fan Hagaren musical show? I guess it all started "out of pure boredom"(and a little chocolate) on Maho_kiwi's AX piccies post. The story? A game plateau. Fullmetal sing-a-song,maybe ? A few teams.(composed of Hagaren characters,of course). What they do? Sing of course xD. Yes,one of these lame "music contest" shows.
Go meet the S(ins) Club 7, the Military Musume(musuko,rather? ^^;;),and who says Military Musume tsays Mini-Mili,namely Ed and Al! Izumi does STOMP-like music with Al's armor xD.Or she sings a remix of 'Ol'Mcdonald'(new tilte: "Young Izumi had a shop,eeh ah eeh ah oh.and in her shop she sold some meat.Eeh ah Eeh ah Oh.And acopchop here!ANd a chopchop there!) .Or any ol' songs xD.

The Sin Club Seven were granted with "Reach for the stone!" and "Don't stop Killing".xD.As for the military musume "Renai Revolution"? .(or maybe MIIB's "black suit's comin" called now "blue suits comin'")..Anyone wants tow rite some lyrics xD.

The lovely Maho_kiwi is our Envy, the also lovely Shinraisei is our Izumi, and te also lovely Wiccat is our Moofy! Anyone wants to join the madness?

I live in France,and well, I know putting it up would rather be insane and extremely hard^^;;.But if somebody really wants to pick up the project,I'd be more than happy. As for now,it's "just for fun",writing parodies of lyrics,maybe making the plot better,inventing dialogues, posters... Open to suggestions and contributions !!!

...Yesh,I'm leaving tomorow,so why am I posting this now? T_T.
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I finally finished one of my Roy gloves. I'm going to post how I did it up here, so maybe it can help people out some if they want to do the same thing.

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Does anyone, out of curiosity, know a better way of doing this? I know about being able to put a patch on it, but I wanted it to actually last--I know how much wear and tear the patches can take. I don't want earthquake lines. XD
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I'm YoukoFujima, and I'm new here to this community...and to FMA, as well. I've read up to the seventh issue of the tankoban manga, but have yet to see the anime *sobs and curses Taiwanese liscensing...or lack thereof*

But I come bearing drawings...they're linked to my LJ^^/ They're not finished (one is about 1/3 finished, and the others are linearts), but I hope you like them.^^;;;


Ed (+chibi!Al) and ...a bad doodle of Roy.
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15_ shaun erick and armani w/ signs

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From AnimeNewsNetwork.com
posted on 2004-07-13 11:52:20
A Fullmetal Alchemist movie is being slated for a 2005 release. In the meantime, fans can now buy a replica of Edward's automail...

According to Sony Music Japan's website, the Fullmetal Alchemist movie will be released in Japanese theaters the second half of Summer 2005. A Mainichi Shimbum Full Metal Alchemist news, Japanese retailer Animate just put up a pre-order for a replica of Edward Elric's automail arm. Sold out within a day, the arm measures 70cm from shoulder to fingertip. It will hit shelves on July 30, 2004 and will retail for 14,700 yen.

Hilda: I already knew about the automail, but the movie is news to me!! <333
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It seems that my little joke post about the future FMA fans has become a hit. Glad to see that. But some people did take serious on notes on what we are going to do come this November 6th, once Fullmetal Alchemist starts airing.

Because, after rhat night, almost everything in the community becomes a spoiler. And this has been a very active community. There are quite a few ways to make it easier for newbies to have fun with the Hagaren fandom, without neccesirally, being spoiled 50 episodes in. There are a few ways to do it. This really should be the communites deccision.

  1. Go through the entire community, and put everything under LJ-Cut. This will be very hard, and if not impossible to do.
  2. Wipe the community clean November 5th. Delete the community, and start it up again.
  3. (My preference.) Is start "fm_alchemist2", or something along those lines. It's not elitism, but, a few of the veterans of this community, who don't have a problem with the noobs (I'll start and moderate the community if need be.) and the discussions there. If noobs post here, we will have a written post included in this communites info, explaining that this community has been out since the beggining of the series airing in Japan, and there are many spoilers around, blah blah blah, and then post a link to the other community. I think that will give a nice, fresh and clean place for new fans to discuss the future of FMA, while we can post icons, not neccesarlingly having to post cuts, and not having to spoil by talking about the manga either. Eventually, after Adult Swim, the community can become one again. How's that sound?

 Feel free to comment with critiscms and comments, and then maybe we'll start an LJ-Poll to see what measure we want to take. Thanks.

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FMA in the UK?

Hi! First post. Sorry if this has already been answered- I looked but couldn't find any articles about it, so I came here and couldn't find it in the memories or last sixty posts.

Does anyone know if there are any plans to air or export DVDs of Full Metal Alchemist to the UK? Like I said, I couldn't find anything about it and I'm worried because ADV is practically the only company to export DVDs and Bandai air some of their old stuff, but from Funimation we've only got the three Dragonballs.

Again, sorry if this has already been answered- I'll delete if it has.
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


First off, does anyone have the link a BT link to FMA episode 39 (raw)? I'm downloading the raws now so I can take better screenshots. ^^;

Secondly, I just bought the newest issue of Anime Insider for the simple fact that it said "Fullmetal Alchemist" on the cover. If anyone wants me to scan and post up the artical here, I can do it tomorrow if you leave a message today. ^^;; (Not saying it's the best artical there. There's a CLAMP artical and a fanservice artical, too. =3)
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Drabble challenge fic

This fic is actually a combination of two requests, but here you are, everyone!

For metallic_sweet and shuugasmer
Fandom: FMA
Character/Pairing: Al/Marta, Roy/Ed
Title: Socks
Theme: Marta buys socks for Al; Al tries them on. Roy runs out of coffee, to the distress of central HQ.
Dialogue: "Those coconuts are huge!" "Forty-two." "GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY COFFEE!" And one shorty comment directed at Ed.