July 12th, 2004

Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

The Fine Line

For wiccat, who I'm going to have to kill. It took me two hours to end up writing seme!Ed. Requested in my Request a drabble Post (Still taking requests).

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Ed X Envy
Wordcount: 458
Title: The Fine Line
Rating: PG/PG-13

Spoilers for episode 25 and episode 34. Character death.

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Oh my GOD

Flame alchemist umbrella.


I can only imagine how this came about.

Central HQ:
Roy- I keep getting wet out there and I can't fight.
Riza- Don't worry, I'll just push you over and start firing.
Roy- ...O_o *edges away*
Sheska- Has an umbrella occurred to you?
Roy- No...
Sheska- Here. *hands Roy an umbrella from... somewhere.*
Roy- But it's so plain! Not fit for the man who'll rule the military someday.
Riza- Here we go again.
Roy- So I'll just put my name and an array on it to make it more personalized!
Sheska- I thought the whole point was that the array can't be used when wet.
Roy- Yes?
Sheska- Uh, Umbrella? Water? Rain?
Roy- What's your point?

Drabble challenge

So, I'm having a drabble challenge, because I really need to get writing again. Feel free to ask for them with the little form thing here, and I'll try to write them all:


It's all pretty self-explanatory. The "Fandom" part is because I'll write for multiple fandoms, and a list is Here. Pairings can be het/yaoi/yuri/whatever. Theme is your fic idea, and "dialogue" Is just if you want a specific line or two worked in.

Challenge me!


Chapter 37

EDIT: Yays!!. Or you could just scroll up a few pixils. >>;;

1. I did not scan these. I got them off a Japanese user.
2. Thanks goes out to chibigarm. She unzipped them 'cause my computer hates folders with long file names. It says "There are no files to extract." x.x;;!!
3. There isn't a third note, actually.

Anyways, thanks in advance. ^^;;
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Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]

Volume 8?

I've been waiting for volume 8 of hagaren to come out for a while now, so I was wondering... Is it out yet? The ad in the back of 07 only says VOL 8 - "07/2004" or something to that effect.

Just wondering if I should be on the lookout for it next time I go to kinokuniya. Which reminds me, does anyone else lvie near the SF kinokuniya? It's so incredibly creepy - they have like half the manga sectino DEDICATED to hagaren, Matantei(?) Loki, and Monster. I was in heaven when I first saw it, until I realized all they had were 1~4 and 7, and I couldn't buy 6.
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Arrival of FMA stuff

...in Singapore, that is.

The FMA TV Animation Artbook and Official Fan Guide Vol 3 (with binder) have finally made their long awaited appearance at Kino. Because of that, I am now officially broke for the rest of the month. T_T

The artbook costs about S$31+ and has Ed in side profile staring off somewhere in the distance while looking disturbingly like a girl. (Look at those eyelashes of his, dammit.) Most of the pictures in the book are full page versions of tart on the official website and that have been used in magazines like Newtype, Animage, official merchandise, etc. At the back of the book are artistically arranged screenshots of the first OP and ED animations, line art of selected images in the book, and what I think is an article on the technical aspects of the animea and the motivation behind it, or something.

The latest issue of the Fan Guide comes in a fairly large wooden box to contain the binder and costs S$29.50. The binder is absolutely GORGEOUS, I kid you not. It's black and red overall, VERY hardcover, the front is that infamous image of the Hagaren cast staring down at you for some reason, and the back is a really large version of the symbol on the back of Ed's coat, can't remember what it's called now, but it's thinly outlined in red with an alchemical array behind it on a black background.

It comes with instructions on how to store the Fan Guide volumes in it. There's a row of white plastic clips on the top and bottom of the spine inside the binder. You open a book in the middle, slide the bottom part of the bend in the book in one of the clips at the bottom of the binder, then bend the corresponding clip at the top of the binder to the side and slide the top part of the book into it. Repeat for the rest of the volumes. The clips are quite bendable, but in case you somehow manage to break one there's a plastic bag of 2 extra clips given with the entire set as well.

There are seven clips in the binder altogether if you count the extra ones given in the plastic bag, so that means there about three or four more Fan Guides to come. The free poster that comes with the latest Fan Guide has Winry holding and sparkling madly over the wrench of her dreams with Ed and Al going ._. and just sweatdropping in the background. XD

In other news, is anyone else having problems downloading the mpeg movie file on that doujin game website mentioned in an earlier post? I either can't download it or else the download stops at 1% and claims to have completed itself. -_-;;
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You ask, we deliver

Thanks to hork13bajir5, the magic of the internet, and whoring high speed internet connections at work, I am pleased to offer you all a direct download of Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Chapter 37 (raw.)


Hopefully this won't kill my bandwidth too much. And if you feel so inclined, please visit my humble little website. ( http://www.asadlovesong.net/ ). It's not huge but I do have two FMA-related fanlistings, some fansites, art, writing, downloads, and other junk.

That is all for now. Enjoy. =D
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