July 9th, 2004

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The Sins

Hi guys,

Sorry to be noobish but I want to finish a sins group fanart for Otakon and time is of the essence! (I want to do a sister piece to this one I did some time ago)

So, I'd like to ask if anyone could post images or sites of the sins, that would aid me greatly :D

I've been surfing around and I have lots of images of the good guys, but I'm really lacking references of the sins :/
the heart of things

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Okay, I have to apologize for some crappy image quality on some of these…it seems that either the camera we were using sucks, or that I am a crappy photographer. Both are possible. I refuse to take blame for the pictures I was in, however, because I was clearly not taking those. ^^;

I usually crop pictures, but in the case of the FMA shoot, there’s so much going on in the background, I thought I’d leave them. I mean, I love pictures with ME in them…so I figure other people probably do, too. If any of these people are you, please let me know! :D

If you have a slow connection, I wouldn’t suggest clicking these, unless you have about a week..>-> lots of pictures…

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