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Meitantei Kudo KID
05 July 2004 @ 10:31 am

Can't think of a witty comment... -_-


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05 July 2004 @ 07:53 pm
It's kinda early to be talkin -- er -- typing about this, but it's been bugging me.

How can this series be wrapped up in less than 15 episodes? I just don't see it.
They need to do/explain/figure out so many things.
If they wrap it up, it'll just be so plot hole filled. I think it even might be considered the worse anime ending. Ever. o.o

Loose Ends: Spoilers?Collapse )

Anyone have any ideas or comments or somethin'?
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Poison Envy
05 July 2004 @ 07:58 pm
Not A Spoiler, but Cut Just in caseCollapse )

BTW, I just finished taking episode 27 screencaps. They'll be up as soon as I upload them all to photobucket.
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Absolutely no decorum.
05 July 2004 @ 08:02 pm
I was going to be extremely happy finishing to download (and watch after) ep.37.Only I'm not because...because...BECAUSE....The stupid spoon website doesn't work T_T.Sure,I could downlaod it from elsewhere,but my download's near completion.
Now,often my compie and internet does weird things(yes,damn'em).So,I was wondering,am I the only one who can't open the Spoon webpage?
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breakin' through the door
05 July 2004 @ 08:11 pm
By coincidence, Darkairachan and I finishe screencapping Episode 27 at about the same time. Together we've got a lot of variety. For my part, I've got 210 screenshots, but that's cos I worked obsessively all day. ^_^

Screencaps are listed chronologically, but grouped here by character(s):

Ed: 99
Armor Al: 41
Human Al: 29
Winry: 23
Izumi: 71
Sieg: 19
Roy: 12
Hawkeye: 8
Breda: 7
Farman: 7
Havoc: 13
Fury: 8
Trisha: 1
One-shot characters: I'm not gonna bother counting them.

Just so you know, the numbers refer to the number of appearences. So it mean that Ed's in 99 screenshots, but there might be other characters in those shots with him.

Onward, to the Screencappy Goodness!Collapse )

That's all! Have fun.
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Poison Envy
05 July 2004 @ 08:19 pm
Archer Caps (35)
Episode 21 sceenshots (100)
Episode 22 screenshots (206)
Episode 23 screenshots (232)
Episode 24 screenshots (111)
Episode 25 screenshots (120)
Episode 26 Screencaps (60)

Al X 9
Ed X 18
Hawkeye X 1
Izumi X 17
Group X 67
Roy X 8
Winry X 3
Falman X 2
Havoc X 1
Misc. X 4
Trisha X 1

Grouped by character, not by order they appear in. Today I bring you 131 screenshots.

131 Episode 27 Screenshots. Of course there are spoilersCollapse )

Same as always. Ask before taking/using.

X-posted in fma_screencaps and fm_alchemist
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