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02 July 2004 @ 01:21 am
July 2nd:

Informational Updates:
Character Page Updated

"Sheska," eh? Oh, well.
"Yay!!" for official spellings.
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I'm selling some FMA items on eBay at the moment - have 6 limited edition FMA posters and a total of 16 doujinshis on right now.

The limited edition posters are prize items in Japan and cannot be bought in store ^^ And I've only ONE piece of the sexy!Ed poster. So unless I decide to sell my own poster or somehow manage to find more of it in Japan (don't count on it - last I heard, the fangirls cleared them out), this is going to be the first and only time I put him on eBay.

The posters also feature Roy, Riza and young Ed and Al. Check out THIS link for a preview of them.

The posters and 8 of those doujinshis end in 24 hours!

Also, the 16 doujinshis are all brand new items. I'm selling both het and yaoi stuff, including rare pairings like Havoc/Hughes. There'll be an Envy/Ed on when I get around to writing up the auction ad for it XD;;

Please check out my auctions here! Thanks!
02 July 2004 @ 08:38 am
I saw other people make these before, and I have been on a Photoshop high lately, so, I've decided to give it a try. ^^;;

3 Friend's only ImagesCollapse )
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let's kick some a'
Fanart comes in threes, and don't you know it.

It's conjoined! Horror! But counts as two anyways! Roy, Ed, and Al Postcard print thingCollapse )

Izumi Curtis fanart, for she gets no fanart love.Collapse )

I suffer from post exam relief syndrome. Aye.
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Mike, Die Führer von Piggies
02 July 2004 @ 04:56 pm
Well, I was at the mall today ( I just got back) and used almost all my money (I got alot of good stuff) And was about to buy The Full Metal Panic Volume 1 manga (I need to get that comic).....what this has to do with FMA you ask? Here it comes. I always look at wallscrolls at the mall. (Final Fantasy, One Piece, Eva, whatever I can get.) And before I paid for the comic, My step brother said he found another box of them near the Table top RPG junk.... and he said "wow they have Kenshin,Eva, FMA..." And I leaped and got every dime I had and bought it. Man Im happy, it hangs in my room now. Man is it neat!

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02 July 2004 @ 07:01 pm
Hey everyone. I'm at Anime Expo in California right now, and I just got a bunch of info on the Hagaren dub. I need to pimp my Fullmetal Alchemist community, fma_dub to see the info, and use there to ask any questions you might have! Join, so you can get all the new info!
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02 July 2004 @ 07:54 pm
I didn't intend to draw again quite so quickly, honest. But one of my friends gave me a challenge I couldn't refuse (imagine someone calling Ed a bean)...so....another RoyxRiza semi-CG. I hope I'm not going to get hit by a brick yet.

*gets hit by a brick*


Crossposted between fma_het and fm_alchemist

On retrospect, her head seems a bit large....
a fangirl
02 July 2004 @ 07:59 pm
In the wake of a SA Forums thread about a home made flamethrower (which is seriously cool), I decided to... combine it with another seriously cool thing. The results?


Don't mess with him. :) (btw, these aren't too spammy for you guys, are they? XD)

EDIT: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=1107178&perpage=40&pagenumber=1

This is the thread where the flamethrower originated. SA forums require a paid account to post in (and view attachments), but casual viewing is free. Note the instructions on page 10 for any would-be pyros.
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02 July 2004 @ 10:41 pm
cut for images and stupidity (and mybe spoilers)!Collapse )

Probably crossposted to lelldorin, and maybe to campo_anime, but probably just to lelldorin
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Bubblewrap Junkie
02 July 2004 @ 10:48 pm
Does anyone know where I can find screenshots of the third Opening? There's one part that I found to be absolutely adorable! That shot where Ed is sleeping on Al's back. I made the giant "AWWWWWWW!" when I saw it. ^__^
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