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29 June 2004 @ 01:06 pm
I like to use this fake stained glass window cling stuff called Gallery glass to make anime window clings.
Beware though large images
sorry about the problem with the image's before. It should be fixed now, since I'm using photobucket
Ed window cling and othersCollapse )
29 June 2004 @ 05:35 pm
Hi everyone,

I joined this community a long time ago but I never post anything until now XD.

My friends and I have been thinking about cosplaying as alchemists for next year's Fanime, but we can't find any sites that sells the uniform [you know... the uniform that Roy and Riza and everybody else wears], and I was wondering if anyone know the site, or place, that sells the actual uniform.

Thank you in advance.
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29 June 2004 @ 11:43 pm

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