June 28th, 2004

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Pimping an AMV

Hey! I'm pimping this music video because it is so good! And it's really hard to find good FMA music videos out there. No, I did not make this video. I just want others to see it! So if you have an Anime Music Videos.org account, go download this video! You'll be amazed! ^.^


Also, if you haven't seen through episode 35, don't watch it until you do. It does contain some spoilers!
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It's possible to bind souls to inanimate objects. The Elric Bros attempted to bind their mother's soul to the body they were trying to create. The main reason they fouled up was because fetching a dead soul = going through The Gate = passing toll = lost bodies/body parts.

So, theoretically it's possible to bind a soul to a dead body.

Is it possible to bind a soul to a living human body? More specfically, is it possible to bind a soul to a living body with it's original soul still attached?

Would it be like multiple personalities, where both souls can take over the body? Or would the binded soul push the original soul out of the body?

Could an alchemist replace human transmutation by binding the soul of a dead/dying person to their own body? That way, the person would still be with them, and the risk of it all going awry (read: failed body that dies shortly after it's been created) would be less. The existance of Number 48 and Number 66 proves that soul binding isn't quite as hard as to do as all-out human transmutation, and it doesn't require seeing The Truth to perform (though that's the place where Ed learned how to do it in the first place).

Perhaps this could also be used as an alternative way to create sort-of chimeras: Bind a human soul to a dead animal body.

Any thoughts?
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My Favorite Sins

This sprang out of a conversation lelldorin and I were having . . . in which he suggested an FMA take on "My Favorite Things", from "The Sound of Music".

With apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein, here are the results. (Spoilers for eps 30-onward)

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for those with cell phones

I searched everywhere for either anime wallpaper for my cell or ways to upload my own images. And after waaaay too much internet time I found this place.


It's really cool. I was able to make a good number of FMA wallpapers for my Nokia along with mucho others and upload them to my phone XDD. At least, when the WAP site stops being slow.. It only costs the amount the phone company charges for internet surfing.. or whatever it's called.. And you can upload ringtones and things too. Sorry if maybe this is old info for some of you, but I think it's really cool, and since I've been lurking this place forever without much to contribute, here it is!!
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Greed Powers and his sexy subordinate Envy.

Okay.That was done on impulse.
Oh wells,after all,lately we've been undergoing an invasion of Poke-Hagaren creatures,so why would this be any scarier?


Envy in a silver dress,w00t! Some might have preferred Kimbley but Envy is just better,so blah! xD.

Anyone knows a good psychologist? ._.;;.I need a life.A PROPER one.-.-.

This is dedicated to BloodyEden.Cause Barry Potter, SliceRon and Almione GranRic rules all.
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