June 25th, 2004


Jap arts goodness...

Hi all,

I was just surfing around, following random links, and found some really good stuff, so I thought I'd share it. Even if I can't understand the Japanese (well, half) , I think the pictures in the comic strips spoke for themselves. Oh, and turn up your speaker volume or you'll miss half the beauty of it:

Hughes/Roy fan, don't miss this one: http://homepage3.nifty.com/of/ambm/comic/cm-3.htm

Kyodai fan: http://homepage3.nifty.com/of/ambm/comic/cm-2.htm

This is the main site for Hagane pics, I'd say each of the pics are works of art: http://homepage3.nifty.com/of/ambm/abtop.htm

Another nice site, the arts look so similar to cannon for a while I thought they *are* cannon: http://www.pureweb.jp/~box/coward/index_2.html

Enjoy :)
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New wallpaper, yo!

Woo! After some creative doldrums, inspiration finally bit me on the ass. Or some similar metaphor . . .

Anyway, new wallpaper! Both Sin-centric and Lust-centric, one of them also Garbage-centric. Please check it out!

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Please tell me what you think! Feel free to take and use.
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Apologies for the spoiler

Right, my deepest apologies for that. I'm not very familiar with how LJ work yet, so I didn't put in a link instead of the actual text. Remembered about 5 minutes too late and spent more minutes trying to figure out how to work Semagic to delete it. -_-

Hope nobody get traumatized by that.