June 24th, 2004

Ears - Perk
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*cough* EnEd... *blush*

Um... fanart ^_^

Yeah, this is the first time I ever drew anything like this... I'm not all that confident on my art skills, so I be embarassed. It's not even done, but I just wanted critiques and opinions from other artists out there before I actually try to ink it.

I'm actually really really really proud of Ed's right foot! :D I have a hard time drawing limbs and stuff, and that's the best damn foot I've ever drawn! XD Oh, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to place Envy's skort around his feet or just slightly off his hips ^_^

Anyways, I drew this during my chem class, instead of listening to the lecture. I sit in the front row, so I had to hide it from the prof every time she came around XD If you look on the top right corner, my brother (who's in my class) added his own little doodle (it's kinda cut off, but you can still see it)

But... um... if anyone can offer advice or criticism, that'd help a lot! ^_^ I suck at proportions and anatomy (yeah, me the medical major O_o)

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Full Metal Straightjacket

Is equivalent trade a bankrupt concept, or is it the true rule of nature? Is there any hidden value in alchemy's failures?

Although I cannot claim to be a big fan of Elric-cest fics in general (either in concept or execution), I do have one to recommend. It is my friend anax who is the cuplrit, with a story called By Sightless Lightning. It's dark, twisted, and wonderful. Anyone looking for high-quality FMA fanfiction should really look no further.