June 23rd, 2004

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Forgive me if this has all been answered, but I've got a few questions.
Charity for the n00b?

- Is the invoice Ed sends Roy in Ep. 26 proof definitive that FMA is set in an AU of our world? He does mention the Science Museum of Britain...(Just where is Ishbal, I wonder...)

- Just how much mathematics is involved in FMA's alchemy? Looking at Roy's research scribbles, it does seem like a fair bit of advanced molecular chemistry is going on there. I think I vaguely remember seeing some of the figures somewhere...

- Most of the main characters appear well educated. Just where is the education system? Guesses? It does seem too widespread to the home tutoring methods, and book printing's been around...or homeschool first and pick a path later?
Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


I didn't feel like sleeping last night, so I ended up working on some fanfiction.

Then I was inspired to write a FMA fanfic, Envy centric.

Then I decided that I have other fanfics to write, so that's on my 'currently on hold' list.

And so I didn't forget what I was going to write (for the most part), I drew Envy fanart.

Really really bad fanart, but fanart none-the-less.

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If anyone has trouble reading my writing, I'll translate for you...
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