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21 June 2004 @ 12:43 am
An al fanart I thought I'd like to share. =)

the tears won't come

Comments would be muchly appreciated ^__^
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21 June 2004 @ 01:02 am
I have been seeing entirely too many lovely multipart icons lately, and now I must make my own, because I have an idea. Yes, one of those that make you snort whatever you happen to be drinking when it arrives, and it won't let you alone until you DO something about the silly thing. This is what I get for watching too many episodes of FMA (just saw 32-34 last night; poor Ed, poor Greed. Poor everybody, pretty much.)

A bit back, SOMEWHERE somebody posted a link to a site that had a tutorial/freeware on how to make the moving-icon buggers; and now I can't find it, no matter what. Can some kind soul out there point me the way?

Thanks..... as if I *needed* something else to work on........ Oh well.
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Poison Envy
21 June 2004 @ 01:19 pm

I was actually planning on skipping this episode. I really was. But it's such a good episode. Any episode that can make me cry automatically goes on my favorites list. Not to mention, this episode made me fangirl Envy even more, as strange as it may sound...

Is it wrong of my to have cried again when capping this, despite constantly pausing it, and despite it being about the tenth time I've seen it?

I've decided I don't like caping Sonchou subs. They'res hardly any frames inbetween captions that I can attempt to capture, like with Anbu.

Once again, grouped by character, not by order appeared in...
Archer Caps (35)
Episode 21 sceenshots (100)
Episode 22 screenshots (206)
Episode 23 screenshots (232)
Episode 24 screenshots (111)

Today, I bring you 120 screenshots:

Ed X 4
Elysia X 4
Envy X 1
Hawkeye X 4
Hughes X 32
Sheska X 4
Kimblee X 1
Lust X 2
Group X 47
Ross X 1
Roy X 15
Scar X 6
Sloth X 4

120 Screenshots from episode 25. SPOILERS!Collapse )

Please ask before taking/using.

Now, if you don't mind, I've thourougly depressed myself and now I need to cheer up... First things first... find a happier song to listen too...
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21 June 2004 @ 07:41 pm
This is what happens when one has insomnia and just stares at the ceiling from 3am-6am

1) Can't Ed fix his own automail? Sure, he can't use the clappy-hands thing, but he can still transmute, as seen in the Barry episode. Or can't Al do it for him? Does one need to have a knowledge about how the object functions before being able to transmutate a working model? Wouldn't Ed or Al take the time to learn how it works if that's the case? I mean, it's kinda important when they're fighting and it breaks or gets blown off. Or is it all just because they need Winry make an appearance every now and then as a potential significant other?

2) Can Envy turn into animals (like Mystique) or inanimate objects? If he changes into a person he just sees in a picture, does he just guess the voice?

3) If Al can't feel because he's just an empty suit of armour, how does he fight? How exactly does he gauge how hard to punch? How much strength does he have? Does being a suit of armour allow him extra strength, like to throw someone? Cause if he's in his normal human body, I doubt he'd be able to do so. If being armour does give him extra strength, how much? Infinite? If he grabs someone's face and squeezes, could he crush their skull?

4) If alchemy really existed, would it be a required course in school? Or more of an applied art?

5) Why do all fanart and fanfic writers depict Al as being taller than Ed if/when he regains human form? Is it merely because it's funny and everyone likes seeing Ed pissed off and throwing a tantrum, or is there a basis for it? Wasn't Al shorter than Ed when they were kids?

Mmm, crossposted cause I can ^_^
21 June 2004 @ 11:55 pm
Is it just me, or does it seem to anyone else as if the weather follows Ed's moods? Granted, it could simply be dramatic (read: cliche) background, but...


Comment away ^^