June 16th, 2004


Shopping Trip

Just thought of something that might amuse the Envy fans out there...

Was in Claires the other day (cheap jewelry store geared mostly toward little girls; for those of you who don't have them) and I discovered that they were selling a whole bunch of green jewelry (mostly wristbands and bracelets) that had the word ENVY on them. Maybe a nice, easy way to show of your Envy pride. *thumbs up*
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Greed/Wanting More(maho_kiwi)


On-and-off lurker delurking, to bring you a work in progress. ^^ A lovely little fic, no pairings, but kind of a Dark!fic, as a friend put it.

Inspiration came from someone offhandedly saying 'Winry's a robot,' but it's far more serious than that. ^^; Though, originally, it wasn't going to be. xD

Pairings: None, though perhaps some in the future. It's Winry-centric, but mostly because bad things happen to her. XD;
Rating: PG-13 for violence? >_o I'm bad at giving things ratings. No sex, kind of graphic/bloody death.

Working Title: Inorganic Love; doesn't really fit it right now, though.

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Please, comments/criticism? ^^;
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  1. I just got the July issue of Gangan (Thank god for Asahiya bookstores shipping them to your house) and I must say, there's alot of cool stuff inside. I'll give a brief bio, and post again tonight once I've scanned everything, give a chapter bio, and maybe a few icons. ^^

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the heart of things

Don't know if this has been mentioned...

Is anyone going to AnimeExpo? It looks like I will be (like anyone can say no to free room and board a mile from the beach) and will be going as dun-dun-dun: Envy :)

Assuming the ouroborus I have on my hand goes away by then. 0-o

Anyway, if anyone else is going to be there...well, I'll keep an eye out, ya? It'd be fun to see some other people.

<--has never been to a con before and is very excited. X3
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Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]

Fullmetal Alchemist Schedule Book Scans ETC

You can download them here, if you really want 'em. Basically it's a calendar book with cut-up art from chapter beginning-image-things. There are like... I dunno. 30 pages? most in 2-page spreads. The centers of each two-page spread will be wonky because though I love my fellow FMA fans dearly, I am not going to dismember my poor booklet for you.

Yeah. This is hosted on the server that I'm paying for, and i only have a gig of transfer, so if someone with access to a bittorent tracker could make a torrent out of the file and pot it, I would love you forever for sparing my poor website. ;_;

Secondly, A while ago I finished a pic of greed that, for some reason, I never bothered to post here. Just too busy, I suppose, or really forgetful. you can find it here. comments/criticisms appreciated deeply.

Thirdly... see the icon I'm using? I should be shot for it. Thank you.

EDIT EDIT: I'm leaving the old link up because some people's computers tend to go crazy when BT is used, but for the rest of you, the very-very cool juliamon has created a torrent for it Here. Please, use that. I'll be seeing forever, or until my computer decides to restart itself and I forget to re-open Azureus.
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brian/justin gundamnook


Does anybody know where I can download earlier Raw episodes? Like from episode 1 on. I want to try my hand at making an AMV, but all the earlier episodes I have are subs. Any help would be appreciated! ^.^

Also, any tips on how to make AMVs would also be appreciated! Thanks! ^.^
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