June 13th, 2004



Geocities wouldn't let me insert the piccy, so here's a link if anyone would care to follow it. ^_^
*sighs* Ah, angst. Kinda makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside, don't it?

Edward Elric

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natsume- yep!

Alchemical Free Trade

Knowing how painful it is to wait out the appearance of Sonchou fansubs, I wish to share with you all the results of one person's attempt to prevent delerium autotremens... that kind of shaking one gets in an automail arm after being denied new episodes of Fullmetal Alcemist for over a week.

My friend anex has been systematically self-medicating his ailment by writing parodies of the earlier episodes. The utility of such treatment is twofold... in the process of writing these parodies, he has found the perfect excuse to do an obsessive frame-by-frame re-watch of every damn episode. That is one advantage. On top of that, he has the thrill of flirting with the idea of Elricest and Roywardcest (or whatever tht pairing is called) in a shamelessly coy manner.

Here are the parodies, as they exist so far. anax promises to keep up with this so long as he is not bored. He is not advertising these himself because... well, because he's a chibi-little dork, that's why. :)

In order,

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six

These are really amazingly funny. Check them out.
Kuma Love


Um... could someone do me a favour?

I need someone to seed l33t-raws' FMA 34 for me... I'm 95% done and I want the rest of the episode ^^;;;.

I'll uh... love you forever?

Edit: I got the rest~ Thank you very, very much!
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ED POSTER from the July issue of Newtype!!

I found this while snooping the other day. X3
Fangirls will probably want a piece of him ever more now.. but some might say, "Too bad it's not Roy.."

Oh yeah, and this is from Animedia.
"23th"?!?! XD

Hmm.. I wonder if someone is going to scan a better version of the Ed poster and the limited posters too. X33
*begs someone to*
... *cricket chirps* ... Aww..


EDIT: Here's my favourite limited poster of Ed. X33

So.. anyone have better scans of the above?
... Neh? NEH?!
Joyous Destruction

Sketching FMA

A crazy idea of drawing Roy in bed hugging a teddy bear randomly popped in my brain, so I decided to do what the voices told me to do, and an sketch was born.

However, the reading of unholy amounts of fanfiction, most of them starring RoyxEd hotness made me change the terms of the sketch a little... so...

Collapse )

This shall be finished eventually, after the exams stop breathing down my neck...*shudders*
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Crack icon

I whis I had someone to blame for this, but unfortunately it's entirely my fault..

Collapse )

My first attempt at making icons with text and I end up doing THIS..
*stabs self*
I don't think anyone is ever gonna use it, but.. credit if taking XDDD
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