June 6th, 2004

Not so keen on this

FMA Fanime Cosplayers, 2004

Well, I didn't see any posts, so I thought I'd put one here for anyone curious to see...

There are a lot of pictures, so sorry in advance. I'll only post the code for the ones that aren't my favorites...

I didn't take these, actually I am a picture thief, and stole them from many different people. The majority were taken by Eurobeat King from Cosplay.com, and others by two of my friends, I didn't get permission, and I am sorry, but feel free to flame me for it all you want. ^_^

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Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]


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And speaking of Greed, I was thinking, hey, maybe greed should get his own LJ community. Since envy has one (i think), and if envy has one, then greed deserves one 100 times more. so, if i made one, would anyone join?
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Does anyone have any good full-length pictures of Izumi-sensei? X3;;;

I want to see if I can piece together a cosplay for AX before it's too late.... :x
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A-kon (trying again..)

I'm really not sure why the pictures refused to load before... >_O They showed up when I previewed it, then they didn't.. then they did.. then they didn't.. And so I'm just making a new post and trying again. ~_~

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One without a name

Letter - Stand

As personal as this letter is (and yes, the feelings in here are very personal towards a friend of mine), it's still a fanfic. Due to how personal the emotions are, I ask that you don't archive this.

A note: Years in the future. Assume the happy Fullmetal Alchemist ending, where Ed transforms Al back to normal without dying or losing himself.

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Homestuck - Alpha Kids

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Hallo~ Another A-kon goer here, ready to post some of my pictures as well. :3

I pounced on as many FMA cosplayers as I possibly could. ^^; Everybody I saw did a great job.

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The whole convention was a blast and I got a load of FMA merchandise for me and yukihime9.. I got two Roy/Ed doujinshis (not very good, but one of them has a SEXY Ed on the back cover)... if anyone's interested in some scans, lemme know. ^^
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