May 31st, 2004

Manga Chapter 35...Translated into english!

By a cool guy at some forums that has been translating the recent chapters (I believe 32+?) for a japanese studies project, from what I understand.

For those of you that follow the manga but have better english skills than japanese/chinese, you might like this.

Or those of you who have no/very primitive japanese/chinese skills and only follow the manga by means of staring at pretty pictures and reading english summaries (Ehem, me.)

Those who are anime only followers can check it out too. It has major spoilers, but with the anime and manga diverging a lot, I'm doubting that any of the things that happened in this chapter will happen in the anime.

But don't take my word for it >_>;;...

Green Lion Extension

With many apologies to those hardy souls who managed to get their stories in on time, I've been begged by several who were out of town and/or working overtime during the three-day weekend. So this time I'm being a softy and extending the deadline to Friday, June 4th, midnight, EST. Voting will open on Saturday, June 5th, around 10am or as soon as I get the link uploaded and ready to go. Will make announcement here.

And in the meantime, you can go to the site and read what's been submitted so far. After this contest, the stories will be anonymous until winners are revealed, and the contest will be the first place you'll read any of the stories. But already there are stories in there that haven't been posted elsewhere, so if you're craving some good stuff, check it out, and remember to vote!

- Sol
Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]

I come bearing fanart!

Because there is not enough Greed art that I am aware of. This is sort of an old picture (and by old I mean it sat around for a week or so before I bothered to scan/color it), and the concept is out-of-character, since I seriously doubt Gluttony would be able to sit around grinning when he's only a few feet away from Greed, and Greed and Envy would probably be ripping each other's heads off. But, is it really so wrong to think GreedxEnvy would be the second-best HomonculusxHomonculus pairing ever? (only GreedxLust is greater, in case you were wondering).

(And yes, according to several of my friends, it IS wrong to think that. ._.)

Yes, I am obsessed. But hey!

Click for HAWT GREED ACTION petulant envy!

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Somehow, whenever I think of Roy, I imagine him as always being cold. He wears gloves and the whole uniform all the time, and I just have this mental image of him always having absolutely frigid fingers. So, with that in mind, here's a little piece of Roy fanart (linked to my LJ because I have a load of notes I write, the majority of which are absolutely unnecessary. ^^;;;)

Cold-- Roy fanart

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page update, bunches-o-fics

Well, they're not new, precisely, cos it's just stuff I finally got edited after posting the roughs on my LJ, but I just stuck ten fics up on my site, heh...and rather than list out the individual stories/links, here's the FMA page:

It's all slash (aka: "Ewwww, boys kissing!"), just so you know. AS3 is still being edited, but I'll try and have it up tomorrow or so.