May 30th, 2004

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Hello; have been wandering around this FMA LJ community for quite a while now, and it occurred to me that it just might be a good thing if I *joined* it instead of just floating. So hiya; glad to be here! I come bearing ficcage as a gift, and please pardon me for not using the neat little "link your title to a site" html phrase-- I didn't have enough sleep last night and my brain is still a wee bit marginal.

The fic is titled "Token"; been writing ficcage for several years now, and this one was written for the 2004 AnimeFest fanfic contest. There's a note at the end stating that it's too big for the contest rules, but apparently via's wordcounter it's actually NOT, so please disregard the note. Hope y'all like it. Now, I need a nap; all fic and no sleep make Ysabet a grouch. G'nite.
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Premiere at AX?!

Someone else posted this on a different message board but yeah:


The U.S. premiere of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST at Anime Expo 2004 will give anime fans a sneak peak at two original episodes a few months in advance of its debut on the Cartoon Network," said Jennifer Pon, chief executive officer of SPJA. "The series has already won over a loyal and devoted audience in Japan. And its premiere at Anime Expo is sure to build excitement and anticipation for its American debut in October." The complete English-dubbed series will also be available on DVD in early 2005.

I've looked on the site for Anime Expo and didn't see any programming lists so I can't confirm. Has anyone else heard of this?

If this is true....

ARRRRRRRRGH. I'm going to be in France at that time. Wonder if they'll also show it at Otakon...

If not, someone please take a video camera in and get some clips to show, alright? XD

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Ah, regarding the layout contest - here's my entry. ^^;; (I didn't know to post it here or send it to the mod, but...)
I've only got the most recent entries style done, because I didn't know if more was to be done or not, since it's just for the contest part, and it does take a long time to get all the other parts done. ^_^;;
The layout, using my journal to preview it, seeing as this comm's not paid yet, and I can't show what a style would look like on it. There is something for altposter, though, so it does show the user's pic and name when there is someone other than myself posting to it. =D
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I recently learned how to make gifs, so I've been messing around with them and decided to share. :D

Three animated gifs:

Collapse )

Collapse )


Collapse )


Note: These are all scaled down versions, for faster loading time and, if you were so inclined, icon useage. If anyone wants to see the larger versions, the second two are at my LJ here, and the first is in another entry here.

Also-- for future reference, is there a set ettiquette for posting gifs? If so, please do tell. I don't want to go around stomping on people's internet toes and be assaulting their eyes with ugly. That would be rude, even for me. ^^;;; Well, thank you in advance. :D

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Has anyone heard of the PMX convention center? I'm assuming it's in the US since I haven't heard of one in Canada.

Apparently, there was tons of FMA merchendise. Such as, Keychains, necklaces, the state alchemist watch, shirts, plushies, wall scrolls, etc.

People... There were plushies there... o_O I just would really like to know if it's true 'cuz I don't want to get my hopes up and then it comes down >
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Fanart Contest hosted by

I wanted to bring this to your guys attentions since you guys are big fans and are good at fanart too ;)
Im the webmaster for and have announced a new fanart contest, you can read this same information on my site.

This contest is for fanartists. We will be looking for your submissions to the gallery section under the "Contest Submissions (Fanart)" section. This fanart image must have a theme of the following: "What they would be like when they were younger" in regards to Military Personnel. This means you can draw an image of Roy Mustang, Alex Louis Armstrong, Riza Hawkeye, etc when they were younger! We hope this will be fun for you to make, as it will be fun for us to see.

Your submissions must be in by June 20th. At that time, we will let the visitors vote for their favorites for the next week. The top three winners of the contest will recieve their own personal email accounts at

The first prize winner will recieve a special prize, to be announced on June 20th.