May 28th, 2004

green lion

Moved Green Lion stories to site, and cleaned up the Green Lion section so it's a bit easier to navigate. Found polling function (thanks, Sharon & MoR!) and now everyone can vote from the site after reading all the stories, neatly formatted. Quick, finish your stories & send them in - greenlion @ :D
hamada yey!

Fan "Art"!

I say "art" because really it's a scribble that just happens to resemble Al giving Scar a kitten. I really love Scar.

If I'm posting too many pictures of stuff lately and it's irritating, let me know. But I have so much stuff! Plus this is cute. And badly drawn :P

Collapse )

I am going to scan the little inserts that come with the DVDs sometime, too. They're really cool and they are hole-punched so if I had a day-timer or something I could have a whole little FMA section in it! Anyway, expect scans of those later. I'm lazy tonight.

Hope all of the US folks who are having a holiday on Monday have a GREAT 3-day weekend, and sorry to those of you who have to work ;)

DISCLAIMER: This post does not in any way intend to imply anything more than a platonic friendship between the characters involved ;)