May 24th, 2004

tomorrow never knows
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So Monday came along and..;

Anyone want some FMA layouts/icons/ or FO banners? I'm bored out of my mind and feeling generous.


  • Must provide picture/pictures

  • Explain what lyrics you want on the graphic

  • Either provide the colors you want or let me do what I choose

  • Crediting me is imparitive

  • Yaoi and anything explicit is fine

Ask away?

edit: TOO MANY people are asking for layouts -I may be bored but I'm not superwoman @_@
If you want a layout you're going to have to pay for one.

Prices range from:

$20 for layout -minimum coding- FO banner and 3 icons
$15 for just the layout and minimum coding

The first person, dana_fields gets hers for free, but the rest will have to pay. Sorry guys and girls.
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Hi everyone!!!
I'm new here (thought I've been reading for some time now). I like FMA very much, watched all the episodes, read manga. And I have some questions. Warning: possible(and impossible) spoilers.

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