May 22nd, 2004

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This is one of the rare times that I've decided to de-lurk. Usually I would post icons, but today I have a favor/question to ask all of you.

Does anyone of you know when any of the characters' birthday is? If you do, do you mind sharing it with me? :3

Solitude / Text

Smutty fanfic offering.

I offer the community some hardcore, kinky fanfiction.

1) Read the warnings and respond appropriately; they are there for a reason.
2) Any advice or critique is appreciated. I know there are some areas where it could use a hand, and if you can help, please do, through comments or email.

EDIT: Cross-posted to the fm-yaoi comm.


Title: Quintessence of Dust
Author: Lykomancer
Pairing: EnvyxEd
Rating: PWP lemon NC-17+ (Warnings: yaoi, nonconsensual/rape, bondage, breath-control, sadism, psychological torture, language)

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contest reminder

contest is to design a new layout (just html is fine) for the fm_alchemist community :D I will also be participating just to show I'm not a lazy butt x_x!

The rules are ... it has to be fullmetal Alchemist related, and must be handed in to me ( by June 1st Midnight. the html can be saved on a note pad and sent to me, or you can upload it on the internet and send me the link.

The judging will be done by voting from June 2nd~5th.

aaaaand... tha'ts it XD I'm just reminding people who missed it, or wasn't sure if it was on or not.
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Music Sheets

I went to Anime North today and I was lucky enough to find an Music FMA book. The sheets are "READY STEADY GO" and "Tobira no Mukou He" (I'm not sure there's more. I just did a quick scan. They're all in full verison by the way). However, my scanner is being a retard and isn't working, But once my scanner does work, I'll be glad to scan them ^_^

Edit :: Why can't I find the people I'm looking for??? >_< Anyhow, today I will be not cosplaying. (Sunday today!) However, I am wearing a blue t-shirt, and a long red shirt underneath. I will also be wearing black pants, and I have a blue bag and... Uh... I'll try to spot any FMA cosplayer ;_;
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