May 19th, 2004


Military Ranking Chart

I got really bored and was drawing out the military uniform for a friend who need a concept for how it'd fasten (I guessed on it. XD;) and how it looked in general.

So I started doing a whole chart of the rankings because it's a headache to understand and get straight. And it's good for people who don't know Japanese.


If there's any mistakes, let me know. =D;
I took most info from Scimitar Smile.
FDTD - Seth

(no subject)

Hum...sorry for talking about it again, but just yesterday I could watch episode 32 so...

Anyone knows what's the connection between Greed and Dante? Because, I presume (for what he said in the tree, and for what Envy said to Sloth in the beach) there a huge connection between them. My question is: what's it?

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Ed Cosplay Assistance

Ah...long time since I've posted here.


My friend is cosplaying Ed for AX, and we are in need of the symbol. I'm pretty sure someone did a vector of it awhile back, but I Really do not want to dig through 1000+ posts to find it.

If someone would be so kind as to direct me to one, I would be much obliged.

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Envy Help

Anyone know where I can find some good envy screen caps? I've got the manga, so I'm all set for scans, but I'd still like a few good images from the anime. :)

Thanks. I promise I'll start being a contributing member again any day now...


Question for those who know Japanese

I'm just curious. In the beginning of episode 32, Al uses a different word/phrase to refer to his opponent than what he usually uses(...I think; it sounds different anyways and I'd expect it to be different since he's angsty and pissed. =P). I know Japanese has a million and a half different words for different occasions, so I am wondering what it is and how it ranks on the "politeness" chart.

I'm guessing since Al's a sweet kid, it wouldn't be as strong as Ed's "temee" but yeah. Just wondering.

Thanks! =3;

-sv, who knows no Japanese.