May 18th, 2004

super serious arting

ahaha, offering of sorts

XD hello. i'm the mod of under caduceus. and i thought i'd offer a couple of things that i made for shits and giggles.

these are lame tries at writing something that would resemble the bean's edward's alchemy notes. unfortunately, these aren't coded cause, frankly, i still haven't worked out how to write a code well enough to do so.

hopefully, these will amuse someone.

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Anime Central FMA report.

Well I went to Anime Central this weekend in Chicago and attended the Funimation panel where they officially announced the licensing of the series for the first time in a public anime con forum. (Although the website was already up.) There was also some more FMA fun to be had. ^^

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I think that's it. ^^;
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hammer time!

Intros and Endings

Im pretty sure it hasnt been done recently, So I was planing on making small movies of the Intros (Copying them so you can watch the intro whenever you want to) and that goes for all the intros and the first two endings (I really didnt like the last one but if you all want it, I can get it also.) but I think they will be in .WMV format. Well If you all want to see them, I need to find a can ya help me out on this?
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Havoc fansite

Yeah, I've never posted anything here before, but I thought some of you might be interested in a Havoc shrine I'm in the process of creating (not finished, but I kinda need help!). I would have a banner, but I haven't thought of a name for it yet, so... Here's a link.

Feel free to submit stuff... and it'd be great if someone funnier than me could think up a witty title for the site. I'm horrible with these things.
Yuri Demon


Hiya everyone. ^_^

I've been a member of this community for a few weeks now and yet I never actually posted anything. So, *waves* hi everyone. ^_^

I <3 FMA with a passion. I read the manga, watch the show and like hunting for things on-line from it. Avivd cosplayer and just completed my Ed and National Alchemist uniforms and few weeks ago. *pictures posted behind the cut* I'm working on some fanart and fanfiction right now, so I'll post them up when there done.

See ya around ^_^

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I was wondering if anyone knew anyone in the vancouver bc canada (or somewhere close) area who would be willing to (or bored enough) to direct me to a shop (or an experienced person) to make a personal Cosplay costume of Edward from Full Metal Alchemist. Sad enough I'm a horrible sewer, and the only person I know who can sew good has a problem with her health so I don't want to bother her. Obviously I'll pay for materials and labor (I would refrain from shipping costs if possible, which is why I prefer someone in the area).

I remember 2-3 years ago at a convention me picking up a flyer of a costume making place downtown vancouver, but I don't know where the flyer is, and I'm needing the costume of it by Aug 20th 2004.

Thanks alot ^^

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Alchemy in 3-D

Hmmm... Let's see. This is the 3D animation project that I just finished. I may or may not animate it to do something spiffy. I didn't take very long to finish. Probably a total of three hours worth of work.

On a completely different subject, would any one be willing to tell me where (IRC channel or URL) I can get chapter 35? Or if you're really nice, could you send it to me?
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TV Time

(no subject)

3 x Bakuretsu Tenshi
4 x DNAngel
1 x Garfield
6 x Magic Knight Rayearth
5 x Fullmetal Alchemist
6 x I'll [Generation Basket]
5 x Prince of Tennis
4 x Hot Blooded Woman [2nd part of the "Iris" Song Set]
6 x Hikaru no Go
= 40 icons @ iconcerto [comment/take/credit]

( icons are here )
arty hedgehogs


Sorry, I missed the release of episode 31 because of a scool trip, and now I can't download it! At, the link is broken... can someone help me?
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Shadow of another


I just got rejected by both Aoi's and Sonchou's subs for FMA 32 and was wondering if anyone out there wouldn't mind sending it to me.


Oh yeah, Sonchou isn't distributing FMA anymore."It's Licenced" and etc. *sigh*
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big iron on his hiiiiip

Anime North anyone? ^-^

I know this question has been asked far too many times, and I apologize for adding more to the pile, but, who is attending Anime North and cosplaying? (and non cosplayers too ^^;;)I plan on taking pictures of every FMA cosplayer there for all three days.

If you are, could you tell me who you're cosplaying as and which day(s) you are planning to go on?

If you're wondering how to spot me, (I for one, sadly won't be cosplaying this year ;~;) I'm wearing a sliver bell charm around my neck (I have no clue what I'm wearing to AN) And most likely, I'll scream if I see an FMA cosplayer. That's another way to spot me ^^;;

If anyone is interested, am I willing to take a few minutes of my time and have a nice and intelligent (please no "Omg, dun u tink Ed n R0y r hawt?!?!?!?shift!1one!) conversation about FMA.

That's all my questions for now. Hope to see you there! (Just in 3 more days! >^^<)
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Lj therapy

Help! Please...

I downloaded both sonchou's and aoi's version of #32 and I can't watch either! I just get sound on quicktime. I know other people solved this by using VLC but I have it and it's not doing the trick. What else can I do? >_< I'm currently on a G3 mac, dunno if it changes anything...

*gnaws on the wall in frustration*

Alphonse's name

Just wondering, how do you actually pronounce it? In japanese it's alfonsay (or arufuhonse in romaji) but on Funimation's trailer it was alfons. Is it a Funimation thing or is it really pronounced that way?
summer sucks

(no subject)

sonchou's fullmetal subs are no longer available for download. anyone know whats up?

[edit] theres a pop-up that comes up when u try and download it, saying "rejected by tracker - Full Metal Alchemist has been licensed by FUNimation - Lance Heiskell"