May 16th, 2004

ponyo: lovely dark and deep

HughesxRoy. Just cos.

My last drawing was kinda buried under a deluge of OMGTHEYLICENSEDFMA!!!1!1!!1 posts....Hopefully this will fare better.

Hughes and Roy in a tent somewhere, presumably Ishbal. Playing with fire.

I drew this after reading some of Ravenwood's lovely fanfics, so i guess I owe her at least partial credit for the inspiration.

Drawn with pencil, fiddled with in Photoshop, lyrics by Peter Gabriel. Please let me know what you think!

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PH: Vincent manga


My posts here are always so pointless...but I do it anyway. But at least it IS related to FMA in some way? o.O;

Anyway if something like what you're about to read occurs, you know you're obsessed... @_@

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きょうできることおあしたまでのばすな。(Kyou dekiru koto o ashita made nobasu na.) Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
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ring tones

I know someone posted a while back the ring tones for one (or more) of the FmA songs, but I can't find it's buried. Does anyone still have those? Would really appreciate it, now that I've got a phone that can handle 'em... ;D