May 14th, 2004


Cool Joke single

Does anyone know when the single for the third FMA opening is going to be out? I need to get my hands on this song! And if anyone knows a site or a torrent, please point me to the right direction! *drools impatiently to get my hands on the song*

PS: If it was posted already, could someone tell me the post? Pretty please?

And sorry if this is SPAM ^^
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Havoc fic!

I got bored and thought that Havoc doesn't have enough backstory for me to have to think too hard, and he's intriguing as a result.

and damn if he doesn't get enough attention.

So, Havoc!fic! Part the first below. No warnings or pairings.

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My brain says there is more lurking somewhere, because so much is unexplained, but another part of me says this is fine. >__>

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Motherland PV Troubles

For some odd reason, I cannot play thr Motherland PV.
It is a .mpg extention, but I believe it is .mpeg2 or something. A DVD file.

I have FFDshow and tried turning MPG2 on in the config, but still no luck playing.
I mean, WMP didn't spaz and yell at me that it couldn't find the codec, but it still wouldn't play.

Can anyone help me out?
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fan art : roy

Oekaki art.

Warnings for sketchy-ness and an incredibly messy background. And I've got the symbol all wrong since I was too tired to look for a ref! :(

*runs back to essay writing*

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If you vote for Colonel Mustang, he will:
  • Lower taxes

  • Upgrade military uniforms

  • Work to end the conflict in Lior

  • Give out free candy

Hear what some of Colonel Mustang's supporters are saying!

"Colonel will be a great fuhrer. He's got a lot of good... ideas." -- 2nd Lieutenant Jean Havok
"If Colonel Mustang becomes Fuhrer, he could help pull our country together." -- Sargeant Major Cain Fury
"I back the Colonel 100%. Especially when it comes to the uniform upgrade." -- 2nd Lieutenant Hymens Breda.

Do you support Colonel Roy Mustang? Feel free to take a campaign badge, and remember to wear it proudly! please credit me if you actually do use it

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Fashion is smashin'.

(no subject)

Blargh. Seemed to have missed the release of the full version of the newest opening theme.

Link me to the bittorrent, please? :3

*has never enriched the community in any way, ever. is a horrible, horrible leech*
Homestuck - Alpha Kids

(no subject)

This might be a repeat question... but does anyone have the full lyrics to the second ED, Tobira No Mukou e? Same goes for the third OP, Undo...

I'm looking for them and AnimeLyrics doesn't have them up yet... ^^; So any help would be greatly appreciated! <3
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more art...

I Choose You, Al! -- (I doubt I wrote the katakana right) while you were all posting about how you were so glad that 4kids didn't get the rights to the anime, I was having a intelligent conversation with arisato... and then I opened OC and it all went downhill from there. XD

Maybe One Day -- Restored!Ed and Al for Aku-Tenshi's Oekaki Board theme (FMA, of course;D)

Envy -- being cool... but not wearing a tutu (I know how disappointed you must be with me).
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ACen Update!

Day one is over and we have seen about 3 Ed cosplayers so far!! All are very good. Must get pictures of them tomorrow. Also went to the FUNImation panel. Asked if FMA was going to be on Toonami or Adult Swim. Guess what.... IT'S GONNA BE ON ADULT SWIM!!! Woot, no blood cutting! I'm a lot more happier, now that it's gonna be on Adult Swim. We also received FMA pins at the panel!! They are cool!!

If I hear anything else, I'll make sure to post! WOOT!!! ^_____^
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fy nuriko thinking

E3 FMA Stuff

Hey all! Dunno how many of you went to E3 this year, but I did and got lots and lots of yummy pics of the FMA models and trailors and books and PS2 game, which I will post later when I get them uploaded. But I wanted to say that the game looks very good, great gameplay and packaging and all that jazz; the models look amazing, jewelry and everything, even Winry looks nice ^_^; and there were some great books and manga and stuff on display too. The PS2 release is going to be a good one, and maybe they'll even bring over the GBA game!
(Oh, and the new Nintendo DS is wicked awesome, the PSP is pretty nice (Advent Children! Woo!!!), and the convention was hella sweet. Just in case anyone cared. ^_^)
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