May 10th, 2004


I just got the single for UNDO.
I am working with Nipponsei to get it out... (I hope; they ish teh scary o.o). ^^;;

Meanwhile, I'm at their channel; You can go there and get it.
The trigger is /ctcp Hork|Ouroboros UNDO Single.

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Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]

Fullmetal CAST!

I was really bored last week in Study hall, so I started doodling FMA characters. This led to the first section of a picture that is, as of writing, three pages in size and probably going (eventually) to grow by several more pages. Originally, I wasn't going to post this until I finished it and maybe coloured it, but since that doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon - my drawing skills have abandoned me this week - I figured I might as well post what I've done so far.

The Incomplete Fullmetal Cast!

For those that wonder, the japanese in the picture reads, from left to right top to bottom, 'sorede, boku ga iimashita,' 'tabete ii?' and 'dareka mametsubu dochibika-!!!'

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allen . ♥♥

Alchemy vs Onmyo-Europe vs Asia

Today,I was a little late,so I skept french class and spent an hour in the library instead.Nobody cares(and it's bad to skip),I know.Took an encyclopedia,looked up the word 'alchemy'-because I wanted a truly accurate definition of it.
And I remember it saying 'science first imported from China'.As probably nobody knows,I'm a Shaman King(especially Asakura Hao fangirl x3).And I suddenly came to the realisation that Hao's 'onmyo' powers were indeed strangely close to alchemy.
First off,a little about the Onmyo science.It originated in China,and was later brought to Japan in the 6th century.Just like alchemy,it is a sort of 'science',yet very often full of myths,so basically seen as half magic half scientific,all the same for alchemy. AND the basis of the Onmyo rests on the links of the elements of nature,referring to the Gobosei Star,showing the 5 elements and their links to each other.Hao's techniques,just as other Onmyoji techniques,comported the 'Suikokuka' (Sui=water,ka=fire in this case)..Or 'fire that changes into water',OR the science changing fire into water,for water is stronger than fire.There is also the 'Kashodo',meaning 'fire creates cinders which becomes earth'.and the Doshogon,'earth creates metal'.This idea of disembling to re-create in a more efficient way,doesn't that ring a bell?
My onmyoji knowledge is rather weak,resting only on Shaman King and the explanatory notes at the end of Shaman King 16[in french-I give full credit to the translators for the explanations on Suikokuka,Kashodon,etc.] and on Abenobashi Maho Shotengai x3.
BUT...there was a 'resurection'[human transmutation] in both stories.Hao,being an onmyo living 1000 years before the ManKin story,had revived himself many times.For doing that,he had to 'conclude a pact with Enma-Oh,basically the big boss in the land of the dead'-This idea of pact could make us think of two things: Faust and his invocation of Mephistopheles...Or the 'Gates of Hell' and 'pact' in Hagaren.It was also said in Abenobashi that human resurrection was a spell nearing impossible (though was succeeded by the first onmyoji of the story)...Now,that's it,sorry if I bugged people who already knew this and sorry for making that crazily long^^;;.
when we sparkle

fandom r0x0r5.

Alright, well, I have two bits of fandom to share today. First off, I was having a discussion with my sister over the identity of unknown sins today, and we were joking about unlikely sins. She suggests that Havoc would make an excellent sin because he smokes. Afterall, he'll never be able to catch cancer and die from constant inhalation.

Second of all, my friend Laren (he was Scar in our cosplay) recently got an LJ. In his second post, he said that he thought that Evangelion was a better show than FMA, which has prompted an onset of angry comments (36 so far, and he only has 6 friends!). My favourite comment out of all of them, however, is this image by monkeyhitman:

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Well, after the Lady Elric post a few days ago, I said the next picutre I posted would be yaoi themed . . . and this one is. Sort of. The idea just sort of snuck up on me. I especially like Roy's expression. What say you all?

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( The Shadow of Desire, chapter seven: patient )

Lull in the eye of the storm.

Rated R for violence and language, currently.

Warnings will go up accordingly if yaoi develops, but right now you can read it as shonen-ai or read it how I see it: just two really messed-up people trying to find a balance to their friendship - or a friendship at all. I mean, Roy and Edward do care for each other; they're just boneheads about how they show it.'s equally possible they'll just end up as the close friends, like Maes and Roy were. Or, alternately, they'll kill each other in the next chapter. Wah, suspense.

Who knows. Work in progress, so I just write the way the story goes...