May 9th, 2004

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Hur. It's my first post here, even though I've been lurking for quite a while.
Uhm... I'm not sure how to quite do this whole "first post thing." I'm known as Kaoru on the internet. X3

I come bringing two gifts, albeit, not very good ones.

one and two.

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Here's something interesting

Hork(...I think) mentioned one time that the crucified serpent symbol was also known as a "flamel". It sounded awfully familiar so I looked it up on google.

1. It's the surname of the guy from Harry Potter who created the Philosopher's Stone.

2. He's an alchemist from 14th century France. Who was trying to make the Philospher's stone.
--> source

I posted that source on the Gaia FMA guild without looking much into it but then "watermelon" also pointed a very familiar symbol of page 7 of his drawings.


That was fun.
brian/justin gundamnook

A Request

We have talked my friend into cosplaying as Lust at ACen! Woot for us!! And I need some pics. If anyone can help, I need a clear picture of the orobouros on her chest, and a clear picture of the markings on her gloved arms.

Thanks in advance!! ^___^
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