May 4th, 2004

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So, I know it's quite usual, when fixated on something, to ascribe its traits to every other medium you come across, but I'm reading Frankenstein for my Comparative Lit class, and was greatly amused by a particular section. Especially because I had just finished the thought "Hey, this sounds a bit like Ed!"

anyway, the bit was

I was, to a great degree, self taught with regard to my favourite studies. My father was not scientific, and I was left to struggle with a child's blindness, added to a student's thirst for knowledge. Under the guidance of my new preceptors, I entered with the greatest diligence into the search of the philosopher's stone and the elixir of life

Sorry for the spam. On an episode thirty related note...

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Greetings Comrades

Greetings Comrades I am new to this community but I have been lurking for a while. FMA is definitly my favorite anime this year, and I hope it ends well. I have had a bad streak with anime endings as of late ::sweatdrop::I feel bad because I have little to contribute but here are some Avatar bases made from the manga. you are free to use any of them

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Art - "Eliza"

Inspired equally by the (quite good) AU fics floating around in which 'Edward' is 'Eliza', the fact that I'm head-over-heels in love with Hagaren, and my need for an illustration for the back of my history portfolio on 'Women in America", I give you my first decent Hagaren fanart! Please enjoy and comment!

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*peers in*

Hi. ^_^ New to this community (even though I've been lurking it for a while, heh. I just never had anything to say of any use prior to this)...and I come bearing gifts!...Of fanart! *sweats*

Ed-Our favorite....vertically challenged alchemist. ^^;

Dramatic!Military pic. Featuring Angry!Ed and Roy, coolheaded!Riza and...Al. (Damn, I couldn't think of an adjective for him...)

Winry/Al-ish picture (what can I say- I'm a fan). Drawing Al's armor (even if it's just the head) is crazy hard.

And that's all for now. Finals are totally keeping me from fully falling into my Hagaren obsession, and it's a damn shame, I'll tell you that. XD;
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Cosplay help needed


Question for cosplayers who are familar with wigs and such:

I, like many others, am attempting cosplaying as Edward for Otakon. I've looked through WitchWigs since it's been recommended many times but I'm having trouble figureing out which one would the easist and best to style/work with.

These are the choices I narrowed it down to (I was thinking of ordering yellow blond, golden orange, or light golden brown for any of them.):

Ashley 850 (no bangs)

Cher 951

Jesus <-- seems like the best match(since I'd be braiding it), but I'm not quite sure.

Cleo 601 <-- can cut bangs...? Kinda paranoid about it though. =/

Or are there any other suggestions(something under $50ish) Thanks!

And if it helps with color suggestion, here's a photo of me. meep; i hate it. n.n;

THANK YOU! to all who've commented and helped me out a great deal with your comments and suggestions. <3 =)