May 3rd, 2004

gerard - killjoys

Speculations: Sins, Archer, Roy.

Here to discuss ep 30, but for the love of all that is holy please do not spoil me in your responses. I'm still ticked about being spoiled to ep 25, and I don't want to actually KNOW the identities of the other sins, I'm just speculating, and wish to speculate with others who may have theories. Not to sound rude or anything. ^_^
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alert the medic

I like pictures. 8D

Yes, there are spoilers here, for 29 and 30, and probably 31, since the images were taken from the preview for it.

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Okay, yeah. That's... all I really had to say.

*Throws self to the wolves*
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allen . ♥♥

Homonculi speculations...FMA is becoming sci fi?

I was just thinking about a few things on how Homonculi were created-as well as trying to make speculations by taking mystery boy's case as exemples.Since I have not yet watdched ep30,nor am too far in the manga,nor was I here for long,I am sorry if I've just wasted your time telling you somthing you already knew or somoen has already mentionned.

Maybe human resurrection works in an 'incomplete' way,and that gives by accident Homonculi-or parts of the Homonculi are created from those the bodies of the dead which one has tried to resurrect.I am not only talking about the boy's case here,but about Lust's case too,who strangely looked like Scar's older brother's girlfriend-whom he (scar's bro) apparently tried to resurrect.Scar has himself made the comment 'might mybrother have succeeded?' in ep 21 I believe,and Lust asked him what he was talking about-therefore htose Homonculi people most likely had once human bodies BUT either a new soul was given to them or memory erased.

.........I won't go as far as to say that the mysterious boy's soul could be the one of Izumi's dead progeniture....Come to think of it,Sloth sliglhty looks like Tricia Elric?
please do comment,I'm curious about others' opinions.
summer sucks

introductory greeting.

hello all. i'm new to full metal alchemist, and to this community. accually, it was only two days ago a friend recommended it to me. i have seen the first two episodes, and love it so far. maybe i'm getting ahead of myself, but what i have seen has entertained me thoroughly. i will try to catch up as soon as i can, and then i can hang around here more often [until then i dont wanna run into any spoilers]. so i don't make this post a complete waste, i have some icons i just made to share. they're quick and simple... and not well thought out, featuring edward. just a small gift, i suppose.

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Deeper Well

Hey! Wow, it's my first post on the FMA community . . Um, go me! [/lurk]

I'm just posting because I had a moment of serendipity while doing my History homework (I'm sure that never happens to the rest of you) because iTunes threw a song at me which, to my mind, fits Ed perfectly.

I'll post the full lyrics below. It's called "Deeper Well" by Emmylou harris, and it's all dark and kind of primal. Interesting. What do you think? Does it remind you of Ed, or am I just off somewhere?

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Technical Question - Please bear with me!

I apologize for the off-topic post, but I was hoping someone would help me, and it is kind of FMA related.

Since I dislike leeching others pretty icons, I'm working on one of my own. I tihnk it looks nice, but I can't get it down to 40kb, which LJ tells me is the maximum size. I've sized it down to 100x100, and saved it as a jpeg, but I still can't get it down below 80 kb. Anyone have any tips? Because I'm seeing some really pretty icons that are really aweseome and yet are, like, 12 kb. So, anyone who can help me gets a hug and cup of ramen. Thanks!
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white collar blue tie

Fanfiction recommendations?

I recently got this wonderful mind-numbing summer factory job, which is nice because it pays well, but is evil because I get home physically tried, but mentally bored >_<

Sitting on my rear in front of the computer is about a perfect activity, and I'm beginning to crave FMA fanfics (I blame this completely on Find the Moon and The Shadow of Desire by the way =P) but the Gundam Wing world makes me wary of reading random fics.

So what do you people like? Fav fics? Fav authors? I'm pretty open with what I'll read, though I'd love something with a good meaty plot ^_^
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[Bulba] Scarf

Winry Cosplay...


Yea, I know, i'm not the most active member, but my friend needs a bit of help. Well.. she probably doesn't, but, yea. She was thinking about cosplaying as Winry at ACen, but can't find any decent pictures. Since all of you are the FMA masters, I wondering if any of you had some good reference pictures tucked away in the secret files of your computer, or any handy links in your favorites?

It would mean alot if you could direct me to some good ones, but if not, well, that's perfectly dandy :D!
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Ishval Theory

OK, I have this theory about Ishval. I would like to make one request, that if you comment to tell me what a goofball I am, that you do not use manga spoilers or post-30 spoilers.
Spoilers, eps 1-30. Everything in this that you haven't seen in episodes 1-30 is 100% conjecture on my part. Don't quote me. Or, do. I'm not going to tell you what to do!

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arty hedgehogs

(no subject)

Well, just a little spam to tell you that I updated Black Hayate Shrine, and that if anyone want a link, I'll be glad to link you!

Oh, and thanks to all of you who visited! ^-^


Hum... Does anybody know if we saw Black Hayate in the manga, other than in the gaiden 2?

And... if someone has a screenshot of Alexander... ^^' I didn't found any... 

Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]

I should be shot for this.

Originally, my default icon was going to be an animated GIF. But since photoshop elements does not like me, and my laptop is dead so I can't use that imageready program that comes with PS7 (or whatever the heck it's called), it ended up as two separate icons. Uhm... I guess it's volume seven, chapter 27 spoilers...

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As I have said in the title, I should probably be shot for these.
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alert the medic


Well congratulations, guys! We've just gotten an honorable mention over at fandom wank, stemming from the (SPOILERTASTIC) post mother made a while back.

Bust out the champagne! We are officially a real fandom now. I'm so proud! ♥
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