April 30th, 2004

[Tokidoki] Pink-love

episode 25

I know I might be a little behind on the bandwagon, but I just need to say this now while the episode is still fresh in my mind.

HOW FRIGGIN SAD WAS THAT?!?! .. I literally was on my bedroom floor, laptop in hand,... CRYING!

I must have cried for at least 10 minutes before I got tired and went to sleep.

How's that for a first post?
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(no subject)

No, not in reference to an episode. I come bearing...news.

FUNimation has pretty much licensed FMA. Now, this could either mean two things: 6 episodes a disc, great dubs, and awesome packaging, including a volume 1 DVD/Box, or 2 episodes a disc, horrific dubs, and shitty packaging. FUNi did a great job with Fruits Basket, but still...I guess we'll have to see. Nothing's official yet, so hopefully the torrents won't cease quite yet, but...*cries* I just hope we get to the end of the show before something happens. I don't think any of us want to wait another two years to see the end of the second season.

EDIT: I'm SORRY! I didn't expect that much feedback! I know it *hasn't* been licensed yet, I didn't mean to *scare* anyone, but I just thought people should know it's possibly in the air. *crawls away* I'm so sorry...I'll delete this post if it'll make the hate mail go away...
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(no subject)

Someone posted an "OMFG, that's the awesome-est Al armor" photo before, and I wanna know if anyone can read Japanese in that page and figure out where exactly it is in Japan?

I'm asking for my friend, who's headed to Japan soon and would love nothing more than to take a photo of that lovely thing.

And I'll just repost the link here:

If anyone can kindly help with this, I'll love you all forever and ever. XD
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Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]

If you call for it, It will come:

Because a bunch of people wanted chibi-envy, I gave in and made one for you. I don't think it's as good as Chibi-greed, but hey. Like chibi-greed, chibi-envy was dashed off in about an hour, though i kept on stoppnig to paly UT2004 while I was making it. I'm not really happy with my line-work or my cheap-ass shading, and it's small, but OH WELL. This is all you're getting out of me, since I don't really like Envy too much. :P

*flees from envy-fans before he's killed*
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One without a name

FMA scares

We've had a lot of scares about whether or not Fullmetal Alchemist has been licensed or not, haven't we? And I haven't believed a single one. The reason why is because each rumor I see has not been followed up by a link to an article or listing on a site that is known to be up-to-date and accurate about licensing. When I go to two sites that are incredibly accurate and up-to-date (animesuki.com and animeondvd.com), there is nothing about FMA being licensed.

So, as a fm_alchemist peon, I ask you a favor... could you quit scaring me with unfounded and inaccurate rumors?

Thanks guys!
Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]

Image, Image, Image!

My girlfriend and I were talking, and I mentioned image songs for FMA characters. Without any sort of warning, we began to trade ideas for various characters' mini-songs, and we probably destroyed what little remained of our minds in the process. Some of the ideas, I think, fit very well, and others... well... we'll see. So, what do you think of the ideas/etc? XD

  • Edward - either a depressing "I'm such a horrible brother it's all my fault" kind of song, or an angry rock song called "Don't Call Me Small!!"

  • Alphonse - in contrast to Ed's image song, his would be a sort of sheepish "well, I'm happy to be living life the way I'm living it" kind of song. Or maybe it would be a sad "I miss being able to feel" kind of song.

  • Hughes(and Elysia) - you KNOW these two would end up singing a duet about how much they love each other! XD

  • Roy - if we ignore his serious side, I think it'd be a sort of pop-y song entitled 'Miniskirts', myself. Bringing his serious side into play, though, it'd prolly end up being a song about his ambition.

  • Hawkeye - I was thinking a serious, kind of wistful song about her devotion to Roy (Because, say what you will, she has promised to follow him all the way to the top, and even if she doesn't love him, she must be preetty damn devoted to be willing to promisethat).

  • Scar - My girlfriend is pushing for an opera-style song about his brother. Me, I dunno. Maybe something about his loneliness?

  • The sins - Heavy metal, yo. XD probably titled "I Want to Be Human" or something. Have them all singing at once, or just the ones that can sing (I somehow doubt gluttony's VA is a great singer). Have the crappy singers shouting out random stuff or something. Alternatively, have everyone sing their own image songs, and have each one be about their respective sin. Except for Greed, he's too cool for that, so he'd have a song about how he wants to go his own way or something.

I probably missed the point of image songs completely or something, but I thought these ideas were pretty interesting. So, what sort of ideas do people have for image songs (for any characters)? And whaddya think the chances of us GETTING and image album are?
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*bows in apology*

In reference to my previous post about the licencing, I'M SORRY! I didn't expect that much feedback! I know it *hasn't* been licensed yet, I didn't mean to *scare* anyone, but I just thought people should know it's possibly in the air. *crawls away* I'm so sorry...I'll delete that post if it'll make the hate mail go away...just don't snipe at each other...
On a side note, I asked my friend who writes for AnimeNewsNetwork.com about the rumor, and she at least confirmed the rumor...and they usually know what they're talking about...so I took that as more of a fact that FUNi will most likely get it. But again, who knows.
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