April 29th, 2004


fic: At Stake

*sheepish, delurking grin* Heh...I haven't posted any of my FMA-fic at all, thus far, anywhere...but I wrote about 20,000 words of it over Spring Break, so I guess I have to start sometime, or just let it rot in my "My Documents" folder, and what fun is that? ^_~ Anyway...it's not my best work, by a long shot, so don't crucify me too badly, but comments and constructive criticism are always appreciated. So, without further ado:

Title: At Stake
Author: Elanivalae
Rating: R for reality. This is not pretty, fair warning. Trauma, trauma, trauma, war. Not for the squeamish, either :)
Pairing/Character: Roy. This isn’t really a pairing type of fic.
Style Notes: Italics denote thoughts. Everything else is typical. *^_^*
Description: What comes of watching too much war coverage on the news and then rewatching episodes 14 and 15 of FMA. Roy drabble, trying to get inside his head before he became Mr. Take Over The Military…With Style.
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On an unrelated note, has anyone else tried making FMA characters (and specifically Ed) in Poser? I've only recently begun using the program, and I've managed to make a passable Ed -- even to make his automail properly metallic -- but I'm having a hell of a time getting the bump maps for his arm to work. If anyone has any pointers, they'd be much appreciated *^_^* Thanks!
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fanart, ho!

Two doodley things linked from my LJ because I have a ton of notes splotched onto them.

Lazy, an Ed!kitty picture, in which there are few concerns about anatomy and absolutely none about automail. And Lopsided, where the world revolves around Ed and his unintentionally lopsided legs. (o___O) Two warnings for this one. 1) He's half naked and 2) For some godforsaken reason, I was trying out perspective in the indecently early morning hours, which, in retrospect, was a monumentally stupid idea. ^^;;;;



Here's something fun: make up your own catch-phrase(s) for FMA. Silly, serious, whatever.

Here's mine:
His[Edward's] mistake cost him an arm and a leg...literally.
No, it is not a spinoff.

yeah, I can't think of any good ones. Humor me.

Random observations:

Why are there palm trees on the island that Izumi put Ed and Al on? It keeps reminding me of the movie, Contact. Blargh. =/

I saw both music videos for Melissa and Ready Steady Go(also live version) with my friend at the local manga store. We spazzed. Melissa's music video is very slow-paced, or is it just me?
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Mature Winry fanart


Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy everybody ^^

I have some fanart for you...



XD okay no more silly faces ^^; It's just that it's a mature interpretation of Winry, if at a photoshoot somewhere. There's so little Winry fandom art- and even less "provocative" things when it comes to her. This pic is apart of a 3-part set I'm going to do as a celebration of 3 wonderful FMA characters: (WARNING: containts cartoon top nudity for the squeamish, and otherwise conservative audience; although if you can watch a guy get his head imploded in graphic detail and a kid be forcibly amputated, I think you can look...)


That is all! Enjoy!
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FMA Cosplay

I've seen tons of posts regarding FMA cosplay at the Cons. I also, planning to make it to FMA cosplay gathering at Anime Expo 2004. And I want to make a quicky costume for that, since the whole idea is to be in costume and socialize and meet other FMA cosplayers and worship our favourite show. So for one quicky costume I was thinking of making Winry third closing outfit - blue shorts, black tank top and long-sleeve shirt over it, and to have my daughter go as Elysia. If any of you have reference pictures of Winry in that outfit and Elisya, could you PLEASE, PLEASE post it here? I don't remember what exactly Elysia wears, and I don't think I am able to watch funeral episode again...*starts sobbing*
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(no subject)

Hi guys this is just a little intro.

I actually started reading this manga two days ago. It's so good. I don't know why I didn't read it earlier.

But I can wait to read the rest of it.
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I come... bearing art!

I've been lurking around this community for too long, so I decided I might as well contribute something to the mass of FMA fanart out there. And so, I present for your viewing pleasure, a Chibi-Greed!

Greed is probably my third favorite character in the series, behind Hughes and Armstrong. Plus, he's a sexy, psychotic, violent bastard, and I thought there wasn't nearly enough fanart of him. And by not nearly enough, I mean none, as far as I know... >_> I'm sure there's a lot of japanese fanart, but... yes. I'm rambling.

This was dashed off in about an hour - it's a pencil scribble inked and scanend and then really crappily coloured in OpenCanvas3.0. So if there are any glaring mistakes, blame the rush job. >.> And since that's all I have to say, I will stop typing before I say something stupid! *flee*
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