April 26th, 2004

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O_O ED THE DEMOCRAT! *le gaspee!*

*morphs from the shadows*
Hi! I'm a lurker ^___^; Just thought of something...

I know there are more than just Americans here...but I had this thought about the colors of the American political parties...might've been discussed already during the whole FMA Campaign thread, don't know...but Dems. are red and generally are for the people....and the Repubs. are blue...and generally involve high government interference (or so it used to be like this in like the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century)...Roy=Blue...Ed=Red

XDDDDDDD;; Sorry I just find that amusing!
*imagines Ed at a politcal rally, leading the people..no...
IMAGINES ED and Roy in a political debate...and Ed attacking him, shreds of clothes flying, the platform on fire, .....holes being stabbed in the podiums, them bashing each other in the head with microphone*
Roy: Shorty...
Ed: *swings microphone*
Roy: *clunk* >_O!

XDDD;; sorry o-o I find that amusing...I'll go away now...*turns back into a shadow in the corner*
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XD~ I just bought myself 4 FmA-Yaoi Doujinshis. 3 of them are Hughes/Roy and the other one is Havoc/Roy, and every DJ has sex in it. I'm really happy ^^.
So, what I wanted to do (after making various people envious) was: When they arrive, shall I scan some pages and post them here? (I know, I'm such a kind person ... +meep+)

btw: I got those 4 Doujinshis for 44 Euro ... I don't know how much that's in Dollar ... >_o
But it was pretty cheap ^^.
And the art looks really good ... Really, really good.
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when we sparkle

FMA Cosplay: Sakura-Con 2004

A week or so ago, I mention that a large group of my friends and I were cosplaying FMA at Sakura-Con. The sewing machine actually broke, so not all of the costuming was completed (hence the lack of enough complete jackets), but I thought some of you might be interested in pictures, so here we go:

Fansview.com has three pages of us on stage. We were going to do a skit, but something went wrong with the CD (our audio was pre-recorded) and so it sort of... died. Hence why I look baffled and not as awesome as Envy should look. Page 2, 3
Our personal pictures taken by gadget13

Also, while I'm posting... there's a possibility that some of my friends and I might be doing another Con this year, but we'd be only bringing about 7 people. Who do you think would be the most important characters to have represented (creating new costumes is no problem)?
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Translation Project!

crossposted to fma_game

On behalf of HyuugaNeji from Gaia, I wanted to pass this message on:

Well I've been working on this for a while and I've finally reached the point where I'm ready... look at what I've been working on:

...now, for this little project of mine to actually reach completion I need a translator and a good one at that, I'd also like another programmer to help out to possibly get this rolling as soon as possible. This'll be an IPS patch for those who don't know... a small file which modifies your rom. If anybody can help out please contact me through a PM.

If anyone is interested, please reply and I'll relay the message to him.
Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]

This is a kind of spammy post! >.>

I bought volume seven of the FMA manga at kinokuniya, and was idly staring at the back gag cover for maybe five minutes, and this idea popped out. Collapse )

Speaking of gag covers, can anyone tell me what a) the kanji around bradley or b)the text next to edward on the front gag cover of FMA 7 means? I will love you forever</strike> until i forget about it if you can provide me with their meanings. if anyone needs the images, contact me on AIM (my SN is 'Lelly chan') and I'll scan in the covers and send them to you via the wonders of direct connect. ^^
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A ghost between them.

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Well, well! I finally managed to write something without deleting it the day after. Go me.
This is Roy/Ed, completely pointless, without any real plot, and completely dumb. I apologise ... But I just wanted to post a new piece of fanfiction here ... I will continue this story, so this is part one.
People might think that Ed is OOC. But I think, Ed has raging hormones and that he will behave like a lovesick schoolgirl when he falls for someone. Well, not just for someone ... +smirks+
The small poem at the beginning is written by me and it's a Haiku (with the 5-7-5 sheme).

Collapse )
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(no subject)

*hides face* I can't believe I just did that. I can't believe I just drew that. I can't believe I just posted that. *giggles helplessly*

Ahem. Number 13: Gunbu (The Military). I started out with something completely different and serious, actually, but then the fangirl in me took over. I couldn't stop her. This is a real quickie, done in like twenty minutes or so. Didn't want the inspiration to get away from me.

If there's a hell for fangirls, I've probably got a one-way express ticket to it. *still snickering*
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