April 25th, 2004

sometimes you eat the bunny...
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fic links to band au (wip)

Okay, well, it's still a draft and still in progress, but chapter one is done and I've started chapter two. It's still pretty much gen, but there've been hints of Roy/Ed preslash, so if a m/m relationship is a squick, you'll definitely want to stop reading after chapter 5 or 6...and did I mention the relationship buildup was going to be like watching paint dry? Uh, did I mention that lately? Anyway, (weekly?) links:

The (untitled) Sex Alchemists band AU
Chapter One:
Chapter Two (in progress):
sun over the amazon

Short Fic, PG gen

Written in ten minutes... what's with me and sudden inspiration?
Set in the future, most probably AU because I don't think things are going to be that way.
pg for language...
Ed-sized spoilers for episode 16 =P

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