April 24th, 2004

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let's hear it for the ugly

Drew two doodles when I should have been sleeping. I think it shows. >.<

The first doodle is Stripping in Reverse (with the second doodle, In Which Ed Looks Like a Woman, further down the page.) The only warnings are half naked Ed in the first picture (not that you can see anything at all) and ugliness for both of them. It's at my LJ because I write so many random notes that I'm too lazy to edit out or whatever.

Forgive my lack of content, I have somewhere to be, and I should have been there quite some time ago. x.x

hamada yey!

I know I'm getting annoying...

Finally, what you've all been waiting for. (Yaright.)
I finally got off my ass and put my screencaps to good use. This is still in the infancy stage, but it's up enough to share with others.
Val's Scar Shrine

Right now it's mostly (ok, 100%) screencaps from the show and my descriptions. Some of the text is serious, and some of it is humorous. I am indecisive. I'm up for hosting fanfics and fanart, tho, in case any exist. I... realize that I may be alone in my fandom. And that's OK :)
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