April 22nd, 2004

hammer time!

Another AMV

Well, I made another one, Its Smaller and the Song is The Final Boss theme From Final Fantasy 9. Not to many Subtitles in it, So I just left them in there, and its A good Size also! I got the Idea from Sombodys Icon from this Community, It was And Indiana Ed one, So it has An Indiana Jones type thing to it. Who ever made that Icon, Thanks for the Inspiration! To you, I show my thanks! Oh, And it was Peiced together pretty fast, But since there are no words to the song, I thought It would be neat to Just have this little clip....For some reason it made me think of a Movie trailer...Oh well, here is the Link for the Hectic Infiltration AMV
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[Fanart] Ed in Deviantart

I haven't posted anything here for a long time, so I decided to post some Ed fanart here.

Actually, this was just a simple pencilled work but I was pleased with results so I colored it. It's hosted in Deviantart, but I warn you... he looks like a girl since I tried to draw Ed if he looked like a real person. Now I think he looks like a real J-Rocker...


Also found here if devart is having problems.

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Coffee Lust

Fanart :)

Heh, but not done by me though ^_^;;.

michiyo_seta drew this wonderful and slightly slashy picture of Roy and Ed as a birthday present for me. She's an FMA fan now to thanks to me. I love her art style and it's a FMA pic, so I had to post this up on the community :).

This is off topic, but is anyone attending Oni-con in October? I'm planning to cosplay Ed there and two other friends are cosplaying Roy and Envy.
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Frog-Got Frog?

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So I've been reading Rave Master. It's getting really really good and I lurve it to death. There's something funny that I noticed though.

Haru's father Gale looks like an older version of Edo-kun.


If I get my scanner working I'll post a pic.

Has anyone else read Rave?
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