April 21st, 2004

Ammy / ticket to the end of the rainbow


I hope that's not spam... oh well...
I have two official FMA fanlistings:
Sensei: the Izumi Curtis fanlisting
Machine Freak: the Winry Rockbell fanlisting

And since I want to make the spam less obvious... the other day, I was browsing through the folders of one of the lab computers at college, out of curiosity. And one of them was called (I'm not kidding) "Alchemist". I swear I was biting my lips, trying to kill my giggles in the middle of Programming Technology practices XD
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alert the medic


So let this be a lesson to you all; sometimes sleep-deprived and newly-liberated university students get bored, and when they do it's best not to let them within ten yards of FMA scans and adobe photoshop.

Totally random note. Tell me if it ain't allowed.
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inching away from the side step//Beyond

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Since i saw istarion's post about Motorola ringtones i thought i would post my Kesenai Tsumi ringtone..

it works for a Motorola phone *o*


that should be from the beginning of the chorus from "Mayowazu hi... then it should end on "futari.. wa" it's short but it took a long time to do it. x.x;; It was transfered off from the piano to the phone by ear x.x;; the tempo is really bad but there isn't much you can do on a Motorola phone x.x;;
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Ah question

I don't know if this has been asked on the community but does anyone have the lyrics to Bratja in English? I'd love you forever if you could give them to me ;P
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Like an Angel... NOT

FMA: fanart

Hello :). I'm just another newbie and hopeless FMA fangirl :)...

Apparently, drooling over major (and minor :)) FMA characters wasn't enough for me, so I decided to make some FMA fanarts. Be afraid. Be very afraid...

This is not the final version - I still haven't decided what style of coloring should I use. >_<


Please, be gentle >:D.
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etto.. this might be my first entry here ^__^;;; and this is a quick question I have :3

In 3 months :D i'm going to Otakon :3 and I'll be cosplaying Ed from FMA. However :3 I dun have a wig for him ;___; and I really wanted one :3 and I dunno how to take care of one either :3 (first time wif wig) do you think anyone can help me wif this?
hammer time!


Well i got the AMV hosted, The Link is Right here. Its 87 MB, But In good Quality! If it doesnt work, you may Need Divx. Have Divx and Still not working? Then You may need this Xvid thing...Well I hope you like it, Its a first try, But I think its a neat one! The song is "All My Life" by the Foo Fighters
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Well, I'm not the first one to fangirl this way...

Someone already mentioned that one song, and how it's Ed&Al-ish. I come bearing a Hughes song. One that will make you smile and forget aaaall about episode 25/chapter 15.

Irwin Goodman - Tyttö Tuli

The good news is that it's so Hughes&Elysia that it's not funny (well, okay, it IS funny). The bad news is that it's in Finnish. But since I have no life, I went and translated the lyrics. <.<;;;

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And if someone gets on WinMX and attempts to find the song, here's the original lyrics.

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*scuttles off*
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One Piece - Sea


Been away for a few days and I'm still checking the backlog, so if this has been mentioned, sorry ^.^;

Was shopping up in Leeds today as a detour on my way home, and I went to a manga/comic/RPG shop which I'd been told stocked import books and might have the FMA Artbook and manga books.

One of the guys working in the store was a FMA fan (Yay! First I've ever met offline.) but he commented on how Pioneer had licenced the anime for the English language version... O_O; Was the first I'd heard about it. Anyone know anything about it?

... *rushes off to download Episode 28 just in case*