April 20th, 2004



Title: (Untitled for now)
Pairing: RoyxEd
Words: 4001
Rating: R..no wait, NC-17 to be safe ^^;
Description: Roy pursues and Ed runs, or tries to. Ah hell, can I just list it as office foreplay? XD;; That does not go unnoticed and will likely be continued in later scenes.
Notes: Don't brick me too hard. >_<;;

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Comments appreciated it. Very much appreciated. Oh and anyone have any ideas for a title? It's too late and my brain no longer works. o_o;

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Beta Help!

Hi all,

I am currently working - well actually it's finished - on a one shot fic that is platonically Ed/Winry-themed.

I would like someone who's had experience beta'ing before and who will rather point out the errors, grammer, spelling and have suggestions on what to change, rather than fixing them up themselves.

Being fast is just another bonus that will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time! ^_^
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Roy x Ed fanart

I finally did it! I scribbled me some Roy & Ed... well they sorta look like Roy and Ed but Ed actually looks kinda legal in this one XD well anyways this is nothing new to anybody in the FMA community ^^ but I've never drawn the two together before :3

http://www.deviantart.com/view/6698049/ DA is probably being unkind to me again. If it doesn't show up for a while- I'm sorry :3

alternate link: http://www.nikkigallery.com/royed.jpg

EDIT: Another one I just came up with after seeing a most tasty LJ ^^

"Roy's got an active imagination..."
  • bochan

FMA-27 thoughts

I've just re-watched FMA 27 before going on to 28, and I was wondering about array-less alchemy like Ed uses.

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I'd love to know what others think about it - even if it's just "you're a twisted girl with too much free time on your hands, if you have time to think about stuff like that!" Don't I wish... *whimpers at the to-be-written report*

First post here, btw. ^^;;; Ehm, hi? *hides*
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i was wondering if anyone's interested in making a FMA banner like thing.
i'm making a web page in my computer class and thought, hey, why not do full metal alchemist? haha i'm so sick and obsessed... anyways, i need a picture to go in the front that says Full Metal Alchemist. i'm not so great with making stuff on the computer, so i'd appreciate if anyone would help me.
thanks in advance! ^^
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sometimes you eat the bunny...
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the beginning of me forgetting to send links...

*grins* Uh, yeah--I just started what's going to be a fairly long WIP, and I'm aiming for a post a night, or every other night at the latest. So even if I don't forget to send links here, I'll probably feel bad about spamming the community with a rough draft anyway.

Nevertheless, since this is the first time...

Because calintz is widely acknowledged as Pure Crack, she's got me finally writing the band AU. This is a real AU--same people, same world, different time, different situation...in this case, Ed, Al and Roy as members of a band called the Sex Alchemists. Ah yes...and then it gets really silly... *hee*

Anyway, it's currently gen but it'll (slowly, like watching paint dry) become SLASH further down the road, with a couple of het pairings thrown in for the heck of it. Which is to say: eventual Roy/Ed, Al/Winry (and Hughes/Gracia as a matter of course). Once it starts getting slashy, the ratings will go up...and up...and up. *grins* So anyway, if you hate WIPs, if you hate AUs, or if you hate rough drafts subject to change without notice...well, give this one a miss. When it's totally done, I'll post the link to my site anyway, so hey. But in the meantime...part one!

hammer time!

I made a AMV!

And I love it! Im obsessed with watching it! Its ver Violent though, The song is "All My Life" by the Foo Fighters! and for proof that I made it, I have something at the end saying so! The video is about Fights and how the charecters Strived through the anime. Sorry that there are no female charecterrs in it! If I make another soon Ill try to put in some Hawkeye and Winry. I dont know If I can put it on www.Animemusicvideios.org because its about 160 megabytes...Sorry, I made it with the trial version of Camtasia, of which I have 15 days, so i plan to make a few more AMV's (most likey more FMA and some One Piece) Anyway, If you all really want me too, And If the Site lets me upload that, Ill put it up! Well, What do you think Yay or nay? Remember the Size when considering this...Oh and Its my First ever AMV, it turned out well, But Dont Expect it to be the Best...
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