April 18th, 2004


I've been looking and studing this picture in the May Issue of GANGAN.

It has Ed standing next to Al and Armstrong.
There is a line that says "220cm" for Al and Alex.

Then, for our poor Ed, it says "???" XD;;

Now!! I've done some complex calculations to figure out Ed's height (or something to that effect)!!

He is about...

That's about
4 feet and 7.7 inches.

(Who knew basic algebra would come in handy one day?)
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Myo art

Oddly enough, 5 people in my DA watch list drew FMA fanart consecutively tonight. o_o

But yes... I had an urge to draw something FMA for some odd reason and I ended up with this weird oekaki.


Minimalist~ XD *goes back into hiding*
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hamada yey!

Episode 28

Has everyone seen it already? Good! Haha. Joking.
But before the spoilers, a little story. I went to an anime store today that I'd heard about but never been to. I walked in, and of course the shop propietors are watching anime in the back of the store. I was like "Hey, that voice sounds familiar..." and then I heard "Nii-san!" They were watching FMA fansubs!!! If I was the sort to squeal, I would have squealed then. But instead I just said "Ooh you're watching Fullmetal Alchemist! It's my favorite show!" Then I watched a little bit of it. It was episode 3 iirc. I made some other people in the store go check it out, because I want everyone to see it :)

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In other news, I force-fed a friend of mine eps 1-7 last night. I wasn't sure how she'd react, because, you know, some people can't take that level of tragedy. At the end of ep 7, I asked her what she thought. She said "That was beautiful!" and now she can't stop talking about alchemy :D
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fic link: metal: roy/ed SLASH, NC-17

This is not my fault. This is harukami's fault. I just want to make that clear from the outset.

So, once again I bring you shameless smut of the NC-17 and slash (that's m/m, or "ewww, boys kissing!") variety. And no plot whatsoever. Sorry...I'll do better...actually, no I won't do better next time, cos after I have a nap, I've got to write cosplay desk smut. *grins* But, uh, the time after that! Yeah...there'll be plot then...probably...

Summary: Roy notices something different about Ed.

FMA icons ^.^;

I made some FMA icons. This is my first time making icons for FMA. ^.^;;; My friend liked them, so I thought I would post them here to get other people's opinion.

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I finally got FMA 28 raw to download last night. And when I went to watch it this morning, there was no video. It was only audio. T.T I guess I'll just wait for a fansub to be released. I wanted to see little Ed and Al though.
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Episode Titles

Episode 29: 汚れなき子ども; Kegare naki Kodomo; Children without Impurity
Episode 30: 南方司令部襲撃; Nanpou Shireibu Shuugeki; South Headquarters Attack
Episode 31: 罪; Tsumi; Crime

*Translation Notes: For episode 31, it's "crime," not "sin." This is because the kanji for "sin" is 辜. The kanji for "crime; fault; indiscretion" is 罪.
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minimalistic love
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Here, there be ugly.

Two fanart pieces of sorts.

This is a doodle of Ed lounging. (And when I say doodle, I mean doodle. As in he's got no face and the only way to recognize its him is the hair and the arm. >.<)

And this is a Hughes WIP. It's not nearly done, but I've gotten lazy, so I'm posting. (which is, admittedly, a stupid idea). It's poorly done psuedo pseudo-realism without any sort of reference at all, so it may not even look anything like Hughes (or a person, at that. @.@).

(channel_force)   Yahoo!

Al x Winry FMA fanart

Say just by chance Ed-kun by the end of the show gets killed off trying to fix himself and his brother, leaving his brother fully restored, and Winry left behind ^^;; (hides from all the Ed-kun lovers running at me with knives drawn, quits hiding under rock and dusts self off)

Okay ^^;;; as I was saying- say Al and Winry were left with only each other. I drew a pic for that kind of scenario- it's left up for interpretation ^^


Enjoy :D just don't hurt me x.x :D
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This is what FMA does to your brain......

This is actually a couple of weeks old, but being the procrastinator that I am, I'm posting it just now. It's basically an AIM RPG-esque conversation in which SV_chan and I explore what happens when Hawkeye and Roy get together, and it's found out that he's useless?? Worse still...what if Hughes walked in on them...and sets up a fatal chain reaction as he spreads the news around??? Would the military still stay intact??? read on and find out..

Inspired by this

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super serious arting

fic fic fic offering

Title; Inside Outside Walls
Author; Mid (midzilla), ficjournal: fictionnessness
Rating; PG-13
Pairing; Alphonse Elric/Edward Elric
Warnings; Incest? Duh. A little blood, but not much. A little death, but not important.
Disclaimer; Not mine. But I pretend they are. >83
Noted; Jecht in my head demanded, "Canon Elricest, NOW." And I looked back at him and said, "Good pavement, I've gone mad." Other then my own insanity to look out for, probably bad grammar. No beta, cause I'm stubborn like that. Spell-checked and looked over though. Enjoy.

( for my brother )
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