April 16th, 2004

PH: Vincent manga

An icon or two...or try 4?

Well I have a few icons here, if anyone would like to use them. I'm mainly posting these because a friend though I should post the Roy one here because she found it kinda humorous, so sure I go ahead an do it, but I thought why not post them all? Err....anyway enough of my babbling...

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Oh yeah if you wanna use them, let me know which ones you're taking and just be sure to give me credit for them. Thanks. =)

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Yep. You guessed it.. MORE FANART. Yeh.. i kinda post them one by one 'cause I'm way too impatient to wait for more.. but yeah.. It's an Envi x Ed photo! 'cause in the RP with my friends.. there is all this.. weird crap between Envi and End and I'm like' Oh what the hell'.. Trying out a more cutesy style too..and cel-shading. I'm so bad at it though. XD;

It's only PG if you have a dirty mind. Otherwise there's really nothing in it. XD;;
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Well...I decided to give a shot at writing some fanfiction from a little idea that gnawed on my head last night when I couldn't sleep.

Just something short, Ed's point of view thinking about Al... I shall say no more X) *snerks*

Yes...I am ready to be attacked by stuff for this one ^^;;;;

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Hi, I'm new

I joined a couple weeks ago and I decided to drop a wave to everyone.

I'm really impressed with FMA. It's refreshingly original and all the characters are well developed and interesting. Partly kidding sidenote here, is it me or in every episode something horrible happens to a child? My friends and I poke fun at that. If you think back, something does. XD Anyway...

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Lastly, I would like to ask if there are any good FMA wallpapers out there or a site that has them?
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So, I was bored today. (crowd: how bored were you?) I'm sure you're all familiar with the personal avatars that have been popping up all over the place. So I made some FMA ones.

You can take, if you'd like, but I'd appreciate credit for them, for while I didn't draw them, I did have to edit some of them. :) Thanks, enjoy!

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Fashion is smashin'.

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I think this problem has already been asked about in this group, so forgive me if I poke at it again. :3

My computer does weird things to the downloaded FMA episodes. It pauses at one frame, but continues playing the sound. The picture stays paused at random areas and I can't figure out how to fix it. Sometimes it briefly fixes itself if I press pause on and off a few times, but eventually it just dies all together and I can only listen, which is no fun at all. Is there a code I'm missing? It's only started to happen recently...

Help? ;-;

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Hey, I'm interested in cosplaying Edward at the next expo... can anybody point me towards somewhere where I could get either a watch or automail? Of give me any pointers in making them? Thanks a bunch.