April 15th, 2004

Red Dragon

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I've been rewatching old episodes, and I just realized yet another awesome thing about this show. All these little, insignificant seeming characters that were barely mentioned in the first 8 episodes are coming back and possibly being major players.in episode 5, General Hakuro was on the train to Central city when he was attacked by terrorists (and subsequently saved by Ed). He was mentioned later in episode 13 when Roy and Hughes were discussing the situation in Lior. Now it seems that he'll be a bit of antagonist for Roy (if their conversation in episode 26 is any indication). I could go on, but you get the point. Even minor players come full circle and affect the characters in a major way. That's great storytelling, dammit. God, I love this show too much XD
Frog-Got Frog?


This was just too good not to share.

Working in a bank I come across some of the strangest names. Well the other day I was going through some paperwork and found someone with the name ALPHONSUS HUGHES.

The name Alphonsus was funny enough but when I found that his last name is Hughes it just made me laugh more.

And for anyone who is a Hellsing fan, I found an Alexander Anderson once too.


Ok going back into my lurker's hole. *slithers away*
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(this is the same person as morethanreal... figured that if I'm going to have a drawing/anime-only journal, I may as well use that for relevant communities)

I am in the warm glow of just getting into a series and drawing lots of fanart.
  • Ed. I meant to actually draw a background, but incompetence got in the way :sweat:
  • Roy, meant to somewhat match the above. Un-colored, because I couldn't find an appropriate blue marker for his costume... Didn't want to use something else, because I really really want the two to sort of match... Ah.
寛貴; a cynic saying rosary.
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Yonder lies smut. SMUT SMUT SMUT, non-worksafe explicit S-M-U-T. So you have been warned. Enter at your own risk, kiddos.

by: dana dahchi
fullmetal alchemist
roy/ed, NC-17 (R?)
disclaimer: this was rather inevitable. it still doesn't mean I own anything, or profit from this venture, etc, etc.

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the physics of this
by: dana dahchi
fullmetal alchemist
roy/ed, pg-13
disclaimer: an unabashed fluff ficlet! with characters I don't own in any way!

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rough one-shot...

Blame Vikki and Harukami. No pairings. R for violence and mild language; spoilers for episode27. ROUGH DRAFT. Deals with Ed's thoughts during last scene of ep27. Not really sure whether I got in pixels what was in my head while running errands...

Pissy Manga Sanzo

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Well, all the talk of Alphonse and hugging spurred the plot bunnies into action. I wrote this last night while half asleep, proofread it this morning after just waking up (aka still half asleep), and got it proofed once more by someone who was awake, so it should be alright now. :D

Title: His Own Strength
Disclaimer: No spoilers, no ratings. Pseudo-angst fluff. Elric-hugs. Won't somebody please hug the Elrics?

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