April 13th, 2004

Kakashi - Kanashimi mo Itami mo


Someone's probably asked this already so sorry to pester everyone but...

Does anyone know the names of and/or where to get the opening and closing songs? ^_^;
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Full Metal Alchemist community!!! *glomps and hangs on* Oh thankgod. People who worship Ed et al (ooh, a pun?) for the gods they are! Mwahahaha!

Ahem. Sorry. Yes, newbie to the community, who wishes to steal Edward and make him her own. And maybe Roy, too. He's a cutie. One of these days I'll get round to writing fic for the series, but not yet.

Can I make a request? If anyone has any FMA cosplay pics, could you please share them here? A friend of mine cosplayed as Ed recently and members of our anime soc are planning to join him at the cons later this year, so we'd like ideas ^^

But there's no way I'm dying my hair blonde to be Winry ><;
Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

Need a little help...

I'm trying to convince my friend to cosplay as Winry for AnimeFEST, and she seems to like the idea (darnit, now I actually have to to get/make a watch so that she can pretend to take it apart), but she can't make her decision until she's seen Winry's whole outfit, because I haven't gotten to showing her any episodes with Winry actually IN them yet. ^.^;

So, does anyone have screenshots/pictures of Winry either in her mechanic outfit, or the outfit she's wearing in the recent episodes (maybe both)? It would really be helpful. ^.^

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fanart-- Roy

Stayed home today and doodled in place of working. The only thing halfway decent that came of it is a lopsided Roy doodle. And as I feel rather sadistic today, all of you are subjected to That Which I Call Roy.


Title: Roy Doodle
Person Who Tried to Draw It: Keraha
Warnings: Nope. A terribly boring picture, really. Lopsided and sedentary.
And here it is...  (at my LJ as I can't seem to find that url and am too lazy to hunt it down -_-;;)

And as a completely unrelated sidenote-- whoa, this community's gotten big since last time I've checked. Where did these hundreds of members come from? *boggles* Mind you, I'm not complaining. Spread the love! ^.~


More "Art"

I can't believe this piece ate up much of my life. BLARGH. Never again will I trace lineart in photoshop. never never never never never. XO~~~~~~~~


Sleepy Edward

I guess you could say this part of the "Military Sleepwear" lineup slash fanservice slash "WTF".

He makes me sleepy.