April 12th, 2004

big iron on his hiiiiip


Well, the official FMA website has updated it's gallery. This image confuses me the most. They do sorta resemble each other...

Any thoughts?
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Casefic. ^^;;

Well, here we go - a story that is perfectly gen and longer than 1 chapter.

This is just the first chapter/scene.

Into the Darkness, scene 1
By me
Set about a year before the mess in Lior City, Ed is 14 and Al is 12 (about to turn thirteen). Ed is sent off to a border town to stop the use of illegal alchemy ... trouble is, he's sick. >__>

No warnings, no pairings, no nothing except some future violence.

Please enjoy. ^^;;

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A random thought popped into my head.

Wouldn't the seal in Al's armor be washed away since it's in blood?

Ah, poor Al. He has to worry about his armor getting rusty and the seal when it rains. *Pat pat*
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FMA fanart

A few weeks ago I made this drawing of Ed and Al. [spam]I'm in the doujinshi making group www.goldfishfactory.com, we make and sell doujin's online and at events.
We just started to make merchandice like t-shirts, buttons and stickers. I will sell this one as an bookmark.[/spam]

Hope you guys like it ^_^

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ehh...*looks around, trying not to be scared*

So, HELLO! I'm Manda, a wannabe writer who got into HagaRen a little late but loves it all the same...

..this is a busy time for me, being the end of the year and all, but much like many others, I have an offering to give based off episode 25. The subtitle for this probably could be "In Roy's Office" *laugh*

Unlike anything else I've seen, though, I do not mention The Event, so if you haven't seen episode 25 you probably just won't understand the ficlet. :) Comments and criticism are very, very welcome as long as they're reasonable. I'm trying to become a better writer and there are so many good writers in this fandom it's overwhelming! ^_^ I hope I make time to comment on others' stuff sometime.

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Screencap Request

I have a friend that wants to cosplay as Paninya, from ep. 26 and was wondering...could somebody please take some screencaps for me of her, so that she can have some images to work from? Or at least tell me where I can find some pictures of her?