April 10th, 2004

t3h m3

ooki ooki ooki!

hey hey guys.
i was wondering something.
has anyone seen the watches for sale again?

i wanna be an offcial state alchemist toooo!!
*sparkles with the power of armstrong and winry combined!*
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I realize this was asked a couple of time, but I'm curious again. Who's going to Otakon this summer or doing a FMA cosplay? How are you managing with the costume? Are you buying sewing patterns or just going to tackle the design yourself? Doing it by hand? sewing machine?
I'm planning on cosplaying Roy at Otakon. This will be my first official cosplay at my first convention XD. I hope it works out. I don't have a sewing machine but I'm really going to try to make a costume by hand. Anyone else making a military costume? any tips? T_T
I wanted to cosplay a Naruto character but so many people will be doing the same T_T But due to its popularity, so many people will probably be cosplaying FMA this year >< But the more the merrier! So who's going? =D
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Zoro cool

calender thingie dingie

I bought this magazine today in Animate that came with this calender with different anime on each month. One was Hagaren, and it came with stickers. I thought "oh yay, but why are there so many of the same kind?" They were really tiny and had faces of Ed, Al, Roy, Lust, Alex Lee Armstrong, Hughes, and winry. I read the katakana on them and then realized that they went with the calender! I would have taken a picture but my camera's being mean...I'll try later. But like Ed smiling was "promise", so you'd stick that on a day you made an appointment. Then a Ed--in-action one was "exercise." but what really amused me was the picture , I think it was Roy on a rainy day where his face was all dark and mysterious....underneeth was written "Date". XD Very amused by that. haha
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Calm | X-Men: First Class


Anyone going to A-kon in Dallas, TX from June 4-6 this year?

I would love to do a FMA cosplay, but I don't look like anyone [though my friend thinks I should do Lust o.o;;]. *points to my icon* Anyone have any suggestions?

Well, I would love to see some FMA cosplyers there~! :3 I'll be around as Iruka [Naruto] and Dark [DNAngel]. ^O^
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coding, coding...done now.

Just redesigned the site so it's easier to add more authors and artists. If you've got a page bookmarked, most should still work, although I did move some of the resources pages around to be better organized (on my end). Feel free to wander through and let me know if there are any broken links or funky graphics or layouts, though I think I caught everything...I hope so, at least.


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- Sol
fy nuriko thinking


All you people talking about cons is making me jealous. << >>
But I'll join in, what the hell. Anyone going to E3 this year? It's in May. Or NDK (Nan Desu Kan) in Colorado in September? Yeah, it's a ways away, but it'd be cool if anyone else in this community is from Colorado. ^_^ Anyways, if anyone's going to E3, that'd be cool, hoping to find some import game news and such. ^_^ Unfortunately, all my cosplay for NDK lacks Alchemist-wear, though I have some others planned...so anyone else planning for either place?
Esp - Sheep

New OP and CL

Okay, I finally get tho see ep.26 and the new OP/CL....

Am I the only one who doesn't really like the new OP? I mean, I like the CL, except for the Den POV part, but somehow the OP ticks me a bit. The images are okay, but... I think I like the second ending a lot better.
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the heart of things

Envy Fanart

Woo, Envy! Tried something new with the coloring, and while I'm mostly pleased with the result, I think it might be more trouble than it's worth -_-;;

At any rate, what I'm left with is a fairly decent pic of Envy, which I ended up using as the complimentary piece to ha_kun's lovely pic of Lust, on my friends' page.

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15_ shaun erick and armani w/ signs

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One, two, three! Now fight over it!!


This is a taiwanese eBay auction for an Ed cosplay costume. This girl has very good feedback and, as was determined from another's email, very good english :) She is willing to ship internationally as well. Just thought some of you out there might be interested. Check out her other stuff too - it's all neat <3

Sorry for the spam-age.
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May Magazine FMA Scans

X-posted to fma_het

Yes, they will be coming soon, as soon as I get access to a better scanner...which will be next Wednesday, not too long to wait now ^^

I was thinking, since the refresh rate on this community is so darn high, posts aren't going to live long enough for most people to see. So I've gone created a community just for FMA scans, it's here: fma_scans

Basically, if I'm providing the latest scans and posting them here, people who want it but who are not able to monitor the community frequently enough to access it will miss out. So I've just sided out on a community for providing scans...hope that makes sense.

Anyhow, things to expect from the magazines!!!

6 pages of publication (with one of Ed sleeping on his desk that will make fangirls die for^^)
A Poster featuring Roy and his cronies^^

The cover - OH THE COVER!!!!
Mousepad - 2 sides
Clear file - 2 sides
Pull-out pinup - with very cool Roy and Hawkeye and the rest o' them

Music book - the lyrics and music notation of "Undo" and "Tobira no mukou e"
A very uber Ed and Al poster
3 pages of publications
New character designs
Some gorgeous fanart

Yes, that's it^^ I've gotten myself into another mess, but I love my job^^ Sharing is good...