April 9th, 2004

excuse my random late night post

I've seen so many Edward cosplays and they all have one thing in common: played by girls. Then I come across this rare guy cosplay of Ed.
...but I couldn't help feeling like he's crossdressing...lol...
You know the FMA fanbase is overwhelmed by fangirls when you start thinking all anime characters are female, not to mention the poll below: 12 males to 140 females O_O
hammer time!


I was wondering if a New episode is coming out today in japan? Because www.fullmetal-alchemist.com normally has a preveiw up by now....I noticed this at 2:30 am last night while Playing FFXl ^^;
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the heart of things

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A million thanks to ha_kun, I offer my mortal soul, and also eternal love and devotion.

For those interested this is what I did with it.

Now, I need to do something for my friends' page, it's still on Young Justice theme. *tinkers*

Thank you again.

(sorry, for the spamming of the board, but I thought it was worth a post of thanks)
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Colored Ed fanart!

*pokes head our of hole* Ok... So this is my first fanart EVER colored in photoshop, and I think it's really good.... I'm really proud of it, so I just thought I'd share. Comments would be MUCHO MUCHO appreciated seeing as I'm not too confident with my drawing skills... And I need to know how I can ameliorate my photoshoping skillz. ^___^

Here it is!

I hope you guys get some enjoyment out of it ^^ *crawls back into hole because this community is intimidating in the fanrat category (and fics for that matter.... So many good ones!!!)
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The Faery Story Version

Title: Untitled: Part 1: Act 1
World: Fullmetal Alchemist..um...kind of.
Characters: Whole cast.
Rating: Currently PG
Words: 2891
Disclaimer: World is technically mine, I guess, in a warped manner. Characters all belong to like, other people.
Note: Despite that this is basically a 'retelling' in faerytale version, it only follows the story in the best basic manners. This is because I believe environment forms character, thus I have to do some things to Roy and Ed and Al and Winry etc that happens in the 'real' story in order to keep the charaters the same. But how it happens is different and when as well. Mostly done to satisfy my "OMG what if (insert characters here) had met?" urges. Story starts with Roy at the age of 15 and Ed not yet one.
Note2: This is editted, but it's not 'complete', after I sit on it for a week stuff will be changed, at the time it will go to my website.
Summary: So...what if? Teenage, hormonal Roy in tights makes googly eyes at Trisha.

Cross posted to hagaren.

For Players of "The Sims".

melts showed me this and I nearly blew out her eardrums with spazzing, screaming, etc.

For those who play "The Sims"....

Lo and behold:

FMA Sims Skins

Have fun creating weird love triangles and strange predictaments. Like setting Roy on fire or something.

Or (sirius_integral speaking..don't mind me)....there's this love-vibrating bed thingy....have fun with that one..occassionally some "odd" options come up...enough said.

Request for the PS2 and GBA OST

Hey everyone! I'm also new to this group (although i've posted comments before.) So be easy on me kay? ^_^
Now i've got a request... I have searched the whole net for the soundtrack of the FMA PS2 game and the GBA game. Someone said it was posted here before but I can't seem to find it. XO Would someone please tell me were I could download it? ^__^
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New Op&Ed

My 2nd Post XD

I want to know how you like the new OP and ED


Cool Joke with "Undo"


Crystal Kay with "Motherland"...

Or did you like the old ones better?
I for myself can't decide between "Ready Steady GO!" and "Undo" as Opening
And "Motherland" and the 2nd one (forgot the title -_-)

Does anyone know where to get the 3rd Op&Ed??? It was hard to get the others too, but thats the hardest ;_;
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The most favorite characters in Japan

I recently bought a japanese anime/manga-magazine. I'm not sure how it's called, but I found something very intresting:
There was this page where the readers could vote for their favorite character. Well, FmA seems to be pretty popular, so here are the votes:

On top: Edward Elric with 667 votes.
(The 2nd place has 303 votes, which shows that the fans in Japan seem to love Ed ... ^^)
4th is Roy Mustang with 292 votes.
10th is Alphonse Elric with 100 votes.
20th is Hawkeye with 69 votes.

The other characters are from animes like Peace maker Kurogane, Saiyuki Reloaded and Ai Yori Aoshi ...

The funny thing is, that Winry doesn't seem to be very popular. This magazine was some kind of "Valentine Special" and all the characters on the posters very ... well, couples. There were posters with Gundam SEED-Couples (male and female) and there was this super hot Get Backers Poster with Ban and Ginji, which was YAOI. Yes, Yaoi. Both of them almost naked, with chains, hands on naked flesh. And now, the best part: There was a HUGE Poster from FmA, with Roy and Ed. It was this motive where Roy has his left hand somewhat wrapped arounf Ed's shoulder ... I always thought this was kinda ... slashy. And well ... on every poster was written "Perfect Couple" ... XD~~~ (The Roy/Ed Poster is hanging on my wall right now. Yay.)
At the fanart section of this magazzine, I noticed that there was not a single drawng with Winry and Ed. There was always Ed and Roy or Roy and his staff. Or Roy and his staff and Ed. And some pictures also hat shounen-ai in it, Roy/Ed of course ^^. So ... they don't seem very fond of Winry. Hm ...

So, enough said. I just wanted to get this off my chest. ^^
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