April 7th, 2004

Red Dragon

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Insomnia sucks...so I decided to watch episode 26! I like the new opening, especially the shots of Ed and Al fighting the sins. On that note, we've seen Greed, Sloth, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony, but I can't remember what the other 2 deadly sins are. Maybe I should watch Seven or something...or go ask a Catholic...I dunno.
Oh yeah, and it rocks that Winry's finally getting more screentime ^_^
hamada yey!

FMA LJ Layout - help!

Hey all, I have a request. I want to make a full-blown FMA layout for my LJ, but I don't really know what I want.
You can see the current layout here.
My other journal (see it here) has a beautiful layout. It's Component style, and I wanted this journal to be not-component style, just because I'm sorta component-ed out.
I want to use the Scar pic that's on this one now, so I'm not asking for a new bg pic or anything. But if you have any ideas on how to make it cooler, I'm all ears.

So, does anyone have any suggestions? What styles/color themes are the rest of you who have FMA layouts using?

Let me know if this post is too OT.
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hammer time!

Yay for Fansubs!

Well I have been watching my impoted DVD's and the translations are quite bad, so I read them how I did with ANBU's fansubs, But I dont mind, since they came all the way from Hong Kong Im happy to have them...They are in japanese with my choice of English or Chinese Subtitles. And Since then I have been watching every episode and ripping pictures, for various reasons....One of which is to make icons, I would Like to know what fonts you all use, I like how all of yours look, they are neat. And if the font was downloaded, a link would be very nice
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the heart of things

Making a post just because

Hm hm, no new art today, but I come bearing icons!

Now, some of these are very precious to me, so I would hope you would take good care of them :) If you're taking, please upload to from your own server.

Comments/Credit is wunderbar!

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icon making

Hey, sorta new to the community and hovering around in the background. But yeah, to get on with the post, I've noticed some of your icons have like little sections of the anime moving in your icon. I'm a novice to the making icons thing and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make something like that or show me where a tutorial would be for it?
Yummy Utena lesbianism

Because I'm not sure I'll be able to find it otherwise

I know this is going to sound weird coming from someone with breasts, but here it goes. I've been on the rampage looking for wallpapers that are fanservicey on the part of girls, or have some yuri in them. I've managed to find some gorgeous Noir, Scrapped Princess, Parasite Eve, and D.N. Angel backgrounds. But I'm missing the one I really want. I really want a wallpaper that has a picture of Winry from the third ending. You know, one that shows off those boobs of hers.

If anyone has one, or can make one better than I can, could you comment?

Also, my current wallpaper on my laptop is of Lust. But I made it. It's very simple, and it has nonsensical lyrics from bôa's "Rain." I wouldn't mind a better Lust or a Sloth wallpaper.
hammer time!


If you all noticed, People relly like to hit Ed in the back of his head or neck...Im buprised he still has his head....maybe his neck is automail too....
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One without a name


Raptured Light

Roy/Ed. A little bit of a different take on their relationship. A bit of Winry/Ed and Winry/Al hints, but unfortunately not anything obvious.

Um... alternate timeline. Ed was shipped off to Lior after episode 13 instead of going after Dr. Marco.

Sol, comment first on anything good/bad, then snag.
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Lust fanart

Oi, gonna keep this quick and simple. Daily doodle of Lust from earlier today before work. Messing around with a slightly different coloring style than usual. Whee! Thank you, and enjoy.
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fy nuriko thinking

All right now.

I've been scanning some of the recent entries, trying to figure out all the sins--what I can gather is that five have been introduced and we might know who all of them are? I would like a few spoilers, so if you want to comment, do so at your own risk of spoiling those who will inevitably get annoyed that they clicked on a spoiler post anyway. :P But if anyone has pictures of the sins and/or names and stuff so I can figure this out (my boyfriend and I are a little confused, all the names run together) and can post them in comments or links to other pages, a big thank you in advance!

PS: We already know Lust, Envy, and Gluttony, but are kinda lost on the others. I think we've got Greed too, is that the guy with the little glasses? As for the others...yeah, need some help. ^_^;;
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Judging from the many reactions to the Winry fanservice...

...and from the huge amount of FMA shounen-ai pairings on the web, I think it's safe to say that even though this series is supposed to be shounen, the FMA fandom seems to be composed mainly of girls, at least in this community.

These days it seems that more girls are into shounen anime than boys. Just look at all the female FMA and Naruto cosplayers ^_^'

It's probably because shounen series are so good for both genders while boys tend to keep away from official shoujo shows >_<

So I guess I'm just wondering, how many males are there in this community?
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