April 6th, 2004

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Cosplay? XD;

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The eye

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Uhm...hi everyone!

I just recently watched ep 25 of fma, and I felt so sad afterwards. So, I made this icon as a tribute. I dont wanna say much more because I dont wanna give away spoilers ^_^() I also made the icon Im using currently as a sort of tribute, but unless youve read the manga up to that point or seen the episode, it wont spoil anything (i hope!)

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Well, thats all for now ^_^
the heart of things

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Yeah, so I probably spelled his daughter's name wrong, but I haven't found one agreed-upon spelling yet, so whatever.

Also, I havn't spent enough time just staring at hughes to be able to draw him from memory yet. What I'm trying to tell you, really, is that there are many things that suck about this. But it beat listening to aristotle's theories of trajedy since plato.

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Lj therapy


Writing fanfiction makes lots of questions pop up. So, I was wondering, what do we know about alchemy? Is it something everybody can learn? Is it something anybody can try but few are actually good enough to do something significant? How does it work? If it was just as easy as drawing a circle, I reckon lots more people would do it.
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